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  1. Nice video! it looked a rough out there but that Lund seemed to be handling it just fine.
  2. maddog

    Fishing trip

    We fished Oneida for a few hours on Labor day weekend. It was a bit windy and we didn't do too well. The word is the lake is full of Gizzard Shad this time of year so there is plenty of forage to compete with. That said, look for birds diving over schools of bait fish. The smallies will be in the same area. Also try the windward side of points. The lake is very weedy this time of year but it's full of fish so you just need to find them and convince them to bite!
  3. Is this a serious question? Fishing is better than no fishing. You trailer the boat up and take it to the launch every single day weather permitting. If the launch is closed due to high water you go to the next launch. On the way up, just make sure you stay on the turnpike as far as you can. I81 around Scranton is a mess with construction and narrow lanes.
  4. Thanks for the update. I was looking to try that over the next few days!
  5. Wow Madness is an understatement. That's awesome fishing!
  6. I was looking for the same thing for my 18'. Fulton is actually in the middle of all the places I fish. I was thinking about one of those storage units for a few months of the year but I'm not sure there's one where you cab back a boat into and the largest I saw was 10' x 20' which isn't quite big enough.
  7. I got through with an 18 footer back in May. Stay close to the south west side. Lot's of strange music blasting from that bay!
  8. We were there on Friday afternoon. Fished 150 - 450. It was slow for us. Managed 3 releases and 1 small Laker. Talked to somebody at the dock who got 1 in 150.
  9. Any word on the water level? Is the Fair Haven state park launch open? Is the bay still a no wake zone?
  10. From National Weather Service: SATURDAY Southwest winds 15 to 25 knots becoming west to 30 knots. A chance of waterspouts. A chance of showers. Waves 3 to 6 feet building to 6 to 9 feet. Waves occasionally around 11 feet. SATURDAY NIGHT West winds to 30 knots becoming northwest and diminishing to 15 to 20 knots. A chance of waterspouts. A chance of showers. Waves 7 to 10 feet subsiding to 5 to 8 feet. Waves occasionally around 13 feet. SUNDAY West winds 15 to 20 knots diminishing to 10 to 15 knots. A chance of waterspouts in the morning. A chance of showers in the morning. Waves 3 to 6 feet subsiding to 2 to 4 feet. Next weekend should be better. Can't be much worse can it?
  11. We tried Cross Lake back in June for the first time ever. The southern end by the river and around the island was very muddy. The northern end wasn't too bad. We caught a number of decent SM and LM Bass, some pike and channel catfish.
  12. I think you're on the right track. Green Pumpkin and Smoke are both effective. For tubes we go small - 2 1/2 with 3/16 head and 6 or 8 lb fluorocarbon. The smaller tube, light line and a little heavier head allow the lure to get further away from the boat(very clear water). I'm from PA and usually get up there a few times a year when bass season opens in June. It's well worth the 4 hour trip if you want to catch big smallmouth. We've had winds from all different directions but something out of the west seems to be the most common. If you launch in Henderson Harbor, I would go just past Henchens and start at the point going all the way down to Westcott. They were there a few weeks ago anyway. If they're not there, you may want to try around the islands - Association, Gull, Bass. They generally move out of the bay come August.
  13. Tex - You may want to stop off at Henchens Marina in the harbor to get the latest info. The first thing you will ask is why do I have to wear rubber boots to go in the store? That's because Lake Ontario is currently several feet above it's normal level causing massive flooding along the shoreline. Assuming you're fishing from a boat, keep an eye on the wind. It can be your best friend or your worst enemy. When it's dead calm, fishing can be tough because the fish can see the boat due to the water clarity which is extreme due to the zebra mussells. Using lighter line, smaller lures and longer casts can help. On the flip side, if there's too much wind you may not be able to get out. We've caught bass throughout the bay area in various depths but generally drifting with the wind at 7-10' has been pretty good for us. We do well with small tubes, Senko's, Stick-O's on clear calm days and spinner-baits on cloudy windy days. There are also some big Pike and Pickeral in the area so don't be surprised if you bit off a few times. Good Luck!
  14. We actually fished both of those lakes on the same day a few years ago at this time of year. If I remember correctly we got bigger fish from Lamoka but more fish from Waneta. Overall a decent day.
  15. CK and Todd - Thanks for your responses. It looks and sounds like as of now the launches are open but obviously it may be a little more challenging than usual to get the boat launched and retrieved. Much appreciated!
  16. Heading up to Henderson Harbor in 2 weeks and was wondering if there are any high water issues with the boat ramps in Henderson or Chaumont?
  17. Congratulations Awesome Fish!
  18. Wow definitely a freak. What is it 20" long by 20" wide?
  19. Marking Fish but only 1 release. Very slow this year
  20. We were out there Sat evening and Sun morning and evening. Nothing on Sat but 2 for 2 on Sun. 1 on a Dipsy out 270 over 120 and 1 on a rigger down 90 over 100. It was definitely slow compared to the last few years. Is it the heat? Are they running late or just slow year?
  21. We were up 2 weeks ago in Oswego for a couple of days. We managed a few browns and didn't see or hear of a King being caught. Nothing at the cleaning station either. Maybe there was a die-off due to the super cold winters the last 2 years?
  22. Wow - Biggest Laker I've seen in a while. Awesome fish!
  23. Awesome fish and a perfect picture. Can't beat that! Congrats!
  24. I used to bass fish on Blind Sodus and did pretty good. Access was from the lake but the last time I was there, the inlet was filled in.
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