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  1. There was a report on here approximately a week ago. The poster had a good day fishing from the Stony Lighthouse south/west to Southwick Beach State Park. I had a report last night from a charter captain out of Mexico. He said he had a very slow weekend. Good luck. Let us know how you did? I am thinking of fishing there Friday and Sunday.
  2. The net is sold to Lost a Lure. Thanks for looking.
  3. Ranger Tournament Series Net I am selling this like new net because it is just too big for my 18 foot Walleye boat. It is model 9555TFB. The handle extends from 54" to 84". Here is a link to the Ranger Web Site giving the specs and pics of the net. Ranger Tournament Series Net I paid between $90 and $100 at Cabelas, can't remember. There is one on Amazon now for $85.99 but it has the 20x20 inch hoop. The one I am selling has a 32x30 inch hoop. It is like brand new. My price is $50 firm. I will be in the Mexico/Osewego area next Friday-Sunday, April 21-23 and can make arrangements to meet along 81 on my way up from PA or can meet you in the area as well. Thanks for looking. Ted
  4. Also, check out the classifieds in Walleye Central. They have tons of boats on there and you can refine your search.
  5. Thanks for the reply and the good info. The Yamaha oil was 10W-40 PWC. Too bad I didn't read your reply a little sooner. I just spent 15 minutes looking all over my kicker looking for the oil filter. I agree with buying good stuff and that is what I will do.
  6. Yamalube Oil Change Kit Price Question for F 150 $81.50 on Amazon. This seems like a lot of money to me for 6 quarts of oil, an oil filter and some gaskets. Any other options? Is the Yamaha oil worth the extra $. I also need a kit for my T9 kicker. Also would like to know what to buy to service the lower unit. Thanks.
  7. Bought the rod trees. Fast shipping and they were exactly as described. New in box. Would not hesitate to buy from Russell again.
  8. Bought the rod trees. Fast shipping and they were exactly as described. New in box. Would not hesitate to buy from Russell again.
  9. What model Tekota LC would you guys recommend. Trolling for salmon, walleye and browns. Thanks.
  10. Just need a little input, I am fairly new to this game. What model do you guys recommend for salmon? Also will be trolling for walleyes and browns. Thanks.
  11. I will take the rod trees. Email sent also.
  12. I am interested in the rod trees. What type of bases do they have? Can you send a pic tor a link to the exact set up are selling from the cisco web site to [email protected]
  13. We fished the trench Friday and Sunday night. We caught one Friday. Tons of marks on both trips. Lots of lookers but not many takers. We fished the ballpark hole on the Salmon River Sunday morning. We had a lot of hookups early but none landed. In general there were a reasonable amount of hookups. The action totally died around 9:30ish. We went back Monday morning. It was relatively dead, several hookups. We went to the town hole. There were some fish there, but did not see a hookup. Before lunch we decided to try the staircase for an hour. We were there until 7 PM. Loads of hookups and four fish landed. Action there was below average but steady all day with an uptick after 5. 3 of us landed 4. We took no lunch or drinks, but not even think about it once we got into the fish. During the night we had seven "wake ups" due to cramps thanks to dehydration. We left for PA Tuesday morning.