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  1. Fishin is hot in FH. Everyone came back this am by 11 due to limiting out. Tomorrow will be tricky due to the winds coming in tonight. We shall see..
  2. Well if one wants to deal with 30 mph winds out of the south have at it lol...For those who have got out this week fishing was pretty good. The few charters did get fish in tight as usual. I get dumped in next week. CU on the water..
  3. There is only three things you need to do. Fish FIsh and Fish...Have fun out there take your time, experiment on your own desire. The more time you spend on the water will gain experience. Im certain you have ample equipment and lours to get the job done. Browns are in close fish those, even try flat lining with spoons. Your knowledge will grow with time spent on the water. There are no guarantees but with time and energy you will catch fish on a regular basis...Good luck
  4. typical Spring weather now. The lake was rockin the last couple of days. First time ive seen a charter boat go out. Well see what they do. The water level is fine. I have seen it a lot higher and lower as well. Most of the run off is gone so we should be fine. Im sure there is fish out there. Good time for calico's in the south end. my dump in date is the 19th...Go get em lol..
  5. Everything should be fine. The ice is melting away, Its mostly at the south end where we all are. The chute will remain open and honestly the water level is where it should be for this time of year. I would actually like to see it come up just a tad.
  6. Aa I expected funding has been approved and the Army Core of Engineers will begin planning. It looks worse than it really is. They may seek additional funding to redo more of the piers but for now geese are returning but there still is more winter left but Spring is getting close...
  7. Here is an update. The ladders are holding the barrier into place for now. There is still plenty of room for nautical access in and out of the lake. We still have a way to go with this..Waters and winds typically get harder on the piers in the initial Spring. The goal now is to prevent any more separation between the wall and metal barriers. I will update as we hear more.
  8. Well its considered a "safe harbor" access owned by the federal govt maintained by the Army core of Engineers. Basically it has to stay open. to nautical traffic. They may close it for a short time for certain parts of the repair but it wont really effect boats unless it totally rips off and creates a serious hazard. And even at that point it would get fixed relatively quick for reopening the harbor....Definitely will be closed to foot traffic. We will update once we hear more....
  9. We will be fine, yes the water level is high but their are still many factors of weather within the next few months that will shape reality....If we get minimal rain in the Spring which is common with an El Nino year like we have then the water will be at a nice level...Time will tell but no need for panic too early lol..
  10. Ive been waiting for this to happen for the past 30 years. That section has been fading away for decades. Dont worry this is owned and maintained by the federal govt in cooperation with the army core of engineers. That pier is considered to be a safe passageway to a safe harbor therefore qualifying for federal funding. That being said if they did close the pier it would be to foot traffic. Any waterway access would really not be effected with exception of maybe a short time for certain parts of the repair There always has to be open passageway for a "safe harbor"...Our illustrious senators have already stated they will start the process for funding.....And it will get worse in the next month. Their is still a ton of ice jam out on that lake and the seas being high will continue to rip it apart....But it will get fixed and really shouldnt be a concern that we cant get out and fish... Politically speaking lol....Ironically the funding the govt accesses for this type of scenario comes from the military funding that trump can use in his national emergency declaration to fund the wall...Lol
  11. Its ice fishing time lol. We had 80 mph winds last week but Fair Haven seemed to hold its own. Bay is frozen and the lake is an ice barrier from all those heavy winds. Today is March 1st but dont let that fool anyone...stay warm its going to get freezing again..
  12. Merry Xmas everyone, I hope U all have a fun safe holiday season. Not much ice or snow to report, Its been windy and cold...Again enjoy the holidays. Honestly it wont be too long b4 were all out here again..
  13. Good luck to those who fished the FH challenge today. Kinda breezy but should be ok.
  14. The fishing continues.....Congratulations to the winners of this weekends A-TOM-MIK invitational. After the gun shot sendoff most went East towards the dunes....the few that went west to Fair Haven got a taste of how good the fishing is.and made the correct choice because all three top prize winners fished Fair Haven... A special congratulations to my buddies aboard Time Flys 2 for their 3rd place finish in the tourney..Stick to your guns boys!!..Fair Haven represent!!
  15. This am the fish were in two areas...175 fow, 70 down , then beyond 250. Most are small around 10lbs but there gonna keep you busy. We did 5 for 6 in an hour and a half. Should be a great day tomorrow...
  16. Naaa we dont have a public fish cleaning station. ....Some marinas do but one would need to be a docker...
  17. No good, looks like water shifted the cold moved out abit, 3 ft rollers but a nice mud line to about 30 fow.....Nice day to sun out and fish the bay, maybe hit the lake tonight if she calms...until then...blue sky and sunshine...
  18. Yup np....I think the paddle has become very popular around these neck of the woods....Well its 2 45 am and i cant sleep so I guess i will start rigging the camera aboard the "Positive Thinkin" for todays Salmon action lol...Should be a nice morning... .
  19. I saw your boat coming in and out of the chute lol. It had those rod holders on each side lol...Good catch keep it up lol
  20. Sorry to hear about this. But this brings to light how people in Marina's and RV parks are really clueless and have little common sense primarily because they are in a vacation mode (thats the environment we live in) and they dont truly understand nor respect the environment we are in.... Some of you know of my cleaner I make. Ive traveled marinas and rv parks for 3 decades now and it truly amazes me how SOME ....not all...but some people who are in these places have absolutely no common sense and really dont belong around this environment.. And when you take those people and add their friends ......now your talking issues.....Again im sorry hopefully you get back to where you were...but in all honesty it wont be the last time something like this happens because there are way too many clueless people around a dangerous environment....
  21. They rent them at the state park and over by turtle cove as well... And the Perch are killin it out in the bay big time...Sunnies are starting to show up and the bass are really big this year.. Most salmon are in the 80 to 150 range but again your battling fleas
  22. I dont know whats hitting better the salmon or the fleas...you take your pic lol...
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