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  1. would like to purchase releases also interested in spin doctors. Can I see and pick up in Webster. David (585)520-9576
  2. 2 12# torpedoes ship to : Hilton, Ny 14468 what is total please
  3. Waiting for quote 1 12# torpedo and 1 14# fish .ship tp Hilton ,N.Y.14468 David A Sykut
  4. I am interested but confirm price is $25 if I pick up and $30 you ship?
  5. Ok thanks for responding. Transducer is my problem spot. Have the rest.
  6. So transducer in listing pic not included?
  7. Is this available. AM VERY INTERESTED
  8. I would like 2 14# fish shipped to Hilton NY. How much please
  9. Offer $125. (585)520-9576 David
  10. If available I am intrested I'll take it 585-520-9576
  11. Boat is Papa's Toy out of Genesee River
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