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  1. Yup, better oil pressure as well.
  2. Hard to beat a one handed Cannon……. Ford /Chevy argument though.
  3. The fish hawk TD has never been used, still in original package. I bought it new 2 1/2 years ago just never used it. Package is still sealed.
  4. Magda’s and mooching reel sold
  5. The 40’s with wire are sold
  6. 1 Fish hawk Td never opened…….. $ 100 Shipping included, PayPal preferred Pm with any questions.
  7. I got these spoons years ago at Narby’s tackle shop Pt Breeze….
  8. If you like these spoons just give me name and address and I will send them to ya…I have a few I already use so I don’t mind sharing . The browns around Point Breeze love this spoon…Send me a PM with your info and they are yours 🎣👍🏻
  9. I have a couple FLT Goby spoons, brand new in the package. They have copper backs and a glow eye … 3 3/4 “ long. And they actually have a very light sparkle that must of been mixed in with the clear coat, can only notice it when you turn the spoon …Not sure if the pic shows the paint job but they look just like a goby.
  10. That thermal video is amazing, you can see a couple pieces of the fox fly off into the brush after impact…….. wow
  11. Well that’s not good. Core-lokt ammo I would guess?
  12. How old was the Remington ammo ? I had it happen once years ago but the ammo was at least 10 years old. That primer looks like it has a good hit from the firing pin.
  13. We hunt plenty of sea ducks here in Maine, a lot of Old Squaw and Eiders. The popular way to cook them is to bake them with a brick inside the bird and when it’s done you toss the bird and eat the brick ! Our sea ducks taste just like low tide. Fortunately we know an old fella that has a big smoke house and he takes them and brines em up. Still fishy tasting to me though even after smoking. Wish they were better cause they are fun and easy to hunt on the coast.
  14. I love my 300’ coppers, you certainly feel the fish. Toughest thing about copper is learning how to let your line out without backlash !! Took me a couple years to get real comfortable with it. I only run 300’ coppers on line counters so I can run ‘‘em short if I want We catch a bunch of fish on them but the one thing I will say is that it’s hard to catch and release some fish epically steelhead cause the heavy line takes its toll on the fish when bringing them in.
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