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  1. All take all of it if still available and send you a PM also .
  2. All take these if you can ship and all send you a pm .
  3. All take these and send you pm . Thanks Mike
  4. Are you looking in the boat section ? it is listed as the 4th boat on first page for 18,500 . Also look at the top left of this Classified page and click on boats its there .
  5. All take these and send you a PM . Thanks mike
  6. Me and the Girlfriend are making the trip again from north east ohio and making a weekend of it ! Yes it is packed but we scored on some good lures last year that we put to good use on lake erie .
  7. All take lots 3 and 4 and send you a pm . Thanks mike and lots 1 and 2 also .
  8. Let me know you got my pm and how you want $ . Thanks Mike
  9. All take lot no. 3 and send you a pm with my info . Thanks mike
  10. All take lots 14,15,16,17 if you can ship them to me at 44041 and all pay the shipping naturally .
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