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  1. Went to pick up a fishing partner at 4 a.m., he was not up and did not answer his phone, so I went solo. First line in at 5:35. I ran one rigger and two dipseys. Went 3 for 4 (only kept one). I had lines in by 8 a.m. Rigger down 105' took two fish on a mag silver carbon 14. A wire dipsey with an NBK took a fish while letting it out (3 setting at about 136'), and the same dipsey took a fish (I lost) out 230'. Fish were caught inside 170 f.o.w. It is always fun when you are solo and have to net a fish between the rigger and a dipsey because it won't cooperate (it just liked that side of the boat even when I turned). The fleas are here, but not bad yet. A Father's Day Dinner (and then some)
  2. Gunwales height = 21.5" to 23" Freeboards height= 6.5"
  3. 7 for 8 today, lines in at 5:30 and last fish on at 10 (fish lost at 10:35 [30 feet from the boat]). Started putting lines in at 100' in the chop with an inexperienced buddy of mine again. It took a while but I got two rigger lines, two dipsies, and two lead core in (all while trying to maintain speed, find temp, and watch the marks on the fish finder). Saw some good marks low in 125' to 150' and picked up a dink (left fish and kept going...idiot move [never leave fish]). Slid out to 200 feet. Found the temp I wanted but no marks, so I did a 180 and we got a 17 inch Coho on a NBK down 45'. A couple of minutes later we got a smaller Coho on a Dirty White Boy/ Glow cup down 55' (returned without leaving the water). A while later, another Coho down 70' on a Silver Carbon 14 mag (returned that one without leaving the water too). A bit later, we start heading East, my 8 color, with a Black Wiggle pattern spoon on, starts going out (I hear it clicking from the bow of the boat as my buddy is "watching" the lines). I get the inline planner off and let him land a nice 20" Salmon. Then two more smaller Coho inside 150 fow on an East heading (NBK and one on flasher fly) both returned. I start tidying up down below and all heck starts... My buddy gets out of his seat and grabs a rod, "we got a fish", and the drag starts going, silver/green dot uv mag (he he he, his first big one). His fish takes an easy 100' as I swing the downrigger out and bring up the ball to get it out of the way. Then I move the dipsy line and bring in the 5 color (of course his fish had gone over and under the 5 color). Got that untangled. Next, I take his rod and show him how to "work the fish in" and give it back to him. He has had 12 knee surgeries so getting a stable base is a challenge. The other rigger TAKES A SHOT (silver carbon 14 mag again)! And line starts rippin! I'm just holding the rod, watching it dance way back behind the boat...ugh...my buddy's fish is more important at this point. In a rod holder my rod goes. We get my buddy's fish in the net; 35 inches and over 15 pounds. I just drop it on the deck and focus on the next fish; it has taken out more than 350' at this point. I notice the line is around the dipsy on the other side of the boat, so I do the dosey doe with my buddy (and the salmon on the deck) and untangle it. I have my buddy pull in the 8 color...my fish had gone around that too. We get that undone and in (without the lure; leader broke off at some point). The fish is still out 300' and I am not gaining. We start circling. Finally, when I get it into 200' out, I see it is WRAPPED and dead. Hard to bring in sideways. At this point, I should have just turned and gone toward it (lack of thought in the heat of the moment); fighting the wind, and waves. Got it to within 30' of the boat and the hook came out (I should have jumped in...nah!). I knew I only had a few seconds to turn the boat and get it but my buddy did not know how to turn the boat's autopilot off so asked him to watch the fish as I turned; he turned his head for second to grab the net and he lost the point of the fish. Easily more than 36", it was over 20 pounds... Fishing not catching... Inside 150 was best today and the last two we got wanted it fast (we were 2.8 to 2.9 at the ball).
  4. The main engine is an Optimax which is a two-stroke. I will have to measure the distance of the gunwales (which will have to wait until next weekend; I just got back today from fishing). By freeboards, do you mean the distance between the waterline and the main deck? If so, I will have to get a measurement on that next week too.
  5. Started setting up straight out at 6 a.m. in 100 fow heading NW. Had a buddy of mine with me who served and he brought his lucky hat from Kuwait. He watched me set up the two riggers then I start sending the dipsy with the same white crush glow spin doctor and green glo fly from last week. As I was setting up the second dipsey, the first one took a hit (out around 145' on a 3 setting). My friend was able to land a nice sized coho. Got all the lines set (added two lead cores) and started search mode and the rigger starts bumping; reeled in a dink on a Stingray glow black wiggler (released without removing from the water). Turned and went back through some marks and the rigger took a good shot ten minutes later on a Moonshine silver carbon 14 mag; my buddy and his bad knees made sure neither of us got there in time (it was a good laugh). About 30 minutes more of driving and I decided I wanted to wash down some of the boat (the black flies are starting); I turn to the back of the boat and ask by buddy where the in-line side planer is (it's under water straight behind the boat). He reeled in an Atlantic which hit a Nitro spoon by Michigan Singer in the Area 51 pattern (glow/green stripe with orange and black dots) on the five core. Back to fishing. About 45 minutes later and lure changes later, I see the other rigger take a shot and my buddy grabbed the rod but it was gone. Ended 3 for 5, we had to pull lines by 11 so my buddy could make it to a parade by 1p.m. Flat water, thick fog, seaweed, scum, and cottonwood out to about 200 fow. Fly spray next time out. No sea fleas yet.
  6. The nice thing is that she will be around for a few more years; she is going to college around here next year.
  7. Tough day today this morning. At least I had company this weekend (last week I was solo). I slowly put six lines in (probably all in by 6:30 [hard to get teenage girls up "early enough"]). We did not mark fish and just looked for temp and currents (direction really did not matter out there today (weird). We ended up going four for four. Had to clean lined from the seaweed floating around until we got out past 270' (we started in 95'). We looked around in the 150 to 200 range, changes lures, made a few turns here and there and decided to go more NE than NW. I got a 7.5 pound salmon on a white crush glow flasher pulling a green glow fly(?). Fifteen minutes later, my daughter reeled in a nice 15.5 pound salmon on the same setup. We had the dipsy on a 3 setting (with braid) and out 255 both times, her fish took her out to 340. About 30 minutes later, the rigger started bouncing and finally released as I was sending out the five core. We got about a 3.5 pound salmon on a all white glow Moonshine Mag (release him in the water). After 6 hours of washing lures and trying to find fish, we started picking up. I released the inline planer with the 5 core (pulling a green glow with orange dots Stingray) and it was heavy; who knows how long that (guessing) 6.5-7 pounder was swimming with us. Lively as ever when he got to the boat. We had to bring him in the boat to get the two hooks out but he was full of spunk and we revived him and he took off. We had lines in for 6 and a half hours (that's why I stated it was a "tough" day. The boat ran well, the fog was thick, I spent time with my daughter, and fish were caught. Fishing (or catching) is definitely better than sitting at home...
  8. TTT The boat is in the water; buy the boat and keep it docked in Sodus for the summer.
  9. $45 - Lower price - TTT
  10. Jerryriggin, Two guy PM'ed me already. One last night and one this morning. You are second in line at this point.
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