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  1. Interesting...I have always applied side pressure when they run. I have always felt that even with 150 feet out that the side pressure accomplishes two things: it lets me see the line better and I feel I can control the fish/boat better keeping it out of my lines and directed where I would "like" the fish to go while at the same time I feel it keeps the rod "loaded". I am looking forward to some other options/theories/opinions. I do get it that there are 150' out and never thought of it that way (does it really "matter"?).
  2. Ten J-Plug style 4" lures with internal rattle - custom painted. No hooks or harnesses. $25 (shipped within the contiguous US)
  3. TWO Dreamweaver Paddles, Classic Style 11" Flashers. One New in Package and one Like New out of package. UV Slick/UV Slick $25 (shipped within the contiguous US)
  4. I am pretty sure you know (and have helped) many of those on here.
  5. I am sure he does. I met him in person, he loves the NK 4D's (I have sold him 2 or 3 lots of those to him over the past couple of years). You can never have too many, right?
  6. Eleven Andy Reekers spoons One size 5 (3"), one size 3 (2"), and nine size 4 (2-1/2") $24 30 (shipped within the contiguous US)
  7. Five B & D spoons. GREAT looking spoons, the size of Sutton 38's (non-flutter). Just over 4-1/2". Each of them weighs .4 to .5 of an ounce except the silver copper on (this on weighs .7 to .75 ounces). The middle on in the picture is the only one not with a hammered finish. These are in great used condition. $18 (shipped within the contiguous US)
  8. Nine Michigan Stinger Scorpion spoons. In Like New condition. These were not used much (I never used them). The first spoon in the top row is a silver back and the next three are copper backs. The first spoon in the bottom row is a sliver back and the next two are white backs. $31 (shipped within the contiguous US)
  9. Six NK D L20 & Two Dreamweaver WD spoons - 2 1/4" In NEW and Like New conditions. $20 (shipped within the contiguous US)
  10. Four Mooselook Wablers & Three Speedy Shiners - all 3 inches 1/4 oz. and all are NEW. $25 30 (shipped within the contiguous US)
  11. Six Jointed Rapalas J9's In NEW and Like New conditions. These were stored in an "extra" tackle box (or shoe box) and not used. $36 (shipped within the contiguous US)
  12. The website states, "15″ x 8.8″ x 9.4″ "
  13. In the afternoon, on Monday, I went West out of Sodus from 4:00 to 7:30 and fished from 125' to 250' back and forth and never moved a rod. Had fun in the waves though with my 19 foot Trophy (got wet a few times). Sure beats staying on land.
  14. Sold to ri rory pending payment.
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