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  1. Six Rapala F7's In Like New condition (with the exception of one of the perch pattern - looks like it was scratched with a hook). These were stored in an "extra" tackle box and not used (maybe one one time). See the four pictures for condition. $28 (shipped within the contiguous US)
  2. Sixteen Michigan Stinger Spoons (copper) Standard size (3 3/4") (this is lot #5) In Excellent condition (one of the red/yellow and one of the rose/pink with black dots have some pitting on the backs of the spoons at the top [both of these lures are in the bottom row of the picture]). These are extras I do not use. $65 (shipped within the contiguous US)
  3. This is brand new with tag. I purchased this last year stored it in my dry basement and never used it (I went with a shorter net). This is model BN2634c-63 - a 26"x34"x32" coated net, extendable from a 6' handle to a 9' handle (you can store the net with the handle in the hoop to save space [or remove the handle]). I will not ship this net. I live near Canandaigua and can meet in Sodus Point or I will meet you anywhere from exit 46 to exit 40 off of the NYS thruway. $85
  4. Went NNW out of Sodus Point to 150', poles in at 4:45 in the afternoon. Fished until 7:45 and went 6 for 6. Three smalls (two steelhead and a king) all returned along with a king around 11 pounds (never took it out of the water). Our first fish was a 23 pound 12 oz king. 90' down (48 degrees) on a Rhye Davis chartreuse glow head and an MC Rocket Artificial Herring Strip (Dalmatian Glow) going 2.3 to 2.4 at the ball. We were in about 180 feet. While reeling this one in, we got another one (14 pound 2 oz) on a Dreamweaver NBK (standard size) 80' down on our fixed cheater. We ended the day in about 155 feet with a double on one line (we had my friend's 13 year-old real them in. The double explained why the downrigger arm bounced just before the (around 11 pound) king took 100'. The fish up high on the cheater (NBK in about 70 feet) was a small king and the bigger fish took a Moonshine Magnum Carbon 14 (which was parked at 90 feet). The two other "smalls" came on the 8 core with an "old school" watermelon ladder back pattern on a silver NK28. Not sure when we will get out next (maybe this weekend).
  5. I use "troubles" fixed duolock snaps and have had zero issues with them. I have tried three other methods and prefer the fixed cheaters from "troubles" over the others. Easy on, easy off.
  6. You should have an email from him sent about five minutes ago (around 9:30ish).
  7. Hargarther's phone # is 1 (315) 945-0549. He, and his secretary, checked his email and did not see anything from anyone about a boat decal so maybe the address was entered with a letter off? What is your email address and I will give it to him.
  8. For Hargarther Design the email is: [email protected] They just bought out another printing business so this is the email they are using for now. Were you able to click on the link above and see some of their work? He works out of Clifton Springs, NY and travels to NC for work sometimes too.
  9. GREAT fish! Way to create memories those guys won't forget. Thanks for the report.
  10. Hargarther Design and Engineering https://www.facebook.com/groups/397388340695007 Most posts are public so you can see the work they do.
  11. Went out to 225' and set up in 44 degree water 80 feet down. We stayed in 240' to 310' most of the morning. I had a friend of mine with me salmon fishing for the first time. When the rigger goes, he starts arguing with me to have ME take the first fish. To my surprise he did a great job netting the 24lb 6oz king. We continued fishing until about 12:30 and ended up 5 for 7. My buddy reeled in a 18lb 8oz king, so he did get in on it. We also landed and released an Atlantic, a 16lb 2oz king, and a 8lb 15oz steelhead. Hot spoon was Carbon 14.
  12. I started out in 120 feet, down 45 and it was 40.5 degrees. Temp stayed the same from 120 to 180 to 95 fow. I will be starting deeper tomorrow a.m.
  13. Thanks Nick. I am going out of Sodus around 3:30 this afternoon for a quick two hours, then I will be back out in the early a.m. tomorrow.
  14. That would be great. I will PM you. Thanks for even considering this.
  15. I fish out of Sodus Point. I figured I will have to wait until the offseason this year to have them make me some.
  16. I have been waiting for Dreamweaver to make some more in the "Midnight Special" pattern too.
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