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  1. I know I have some new Jake 45's (old style). I will look tonight.
  2. Try posting that you are WTB (Wanting To Buy) these reels and you may get replies. I am sure there are some who are looking to thin out their reels too.
  3. Sk8man is a truly legit guy! Johnny is sure to love those rods and reels. Sk8man takes care of everything and everyone 100% professionally. I was thinking of buying these but saw two members each making counteroffers so I stayed out of it. I was going to drive to his house or meet for coffee somewhere in Canandaigua. Les, I still have to get you out on Ontario with me; Lipripr, you are invited to come with us (I am not being a d*ck, I am seriously inviting you). I go out of Hughes Marina in Pultneyville. Life's too short...
  4. I already have to be careful walking in my basement with all the spoons hanging from the ceiling. It keeps the wife out of my half of the basement and she doesn't know about the contents of the shoe boxes on the shelves.
  5. I guess I will find a place to put these (I will take them, please).
  6. Lot A (NK28) $35 shipped (to the lower 48 states) 7 white backs and 3 silver cups. Note the middle black/orange has a hammered finish and thinner orange tape. Lot B (NK28) $32 shipped (to the lower 48 states) Lot C (NK28) $30 shipped (to the lower 48 states) Lot D (NK28) $35 shipped (to the lower 48 states) Lot E (NK28) glow $25 shipped (to the lower 48 states) Lot F (magnum size) $35 shipped (to the lower 48 states) Lot G (magnum size) $32 shipped (to the lower 48 states) Lot H (magnum size) newer version $32 shipped (to the lower 48 states) only two backs glow
  7. Thanks Chris! The items I got from you are great. You are a stand up guy. I wish I "needed" the flies and rods you still have for sale. Good luck with the remaining items. And thank you for not selling to the other person who offered you $50 more for both reels. It is great to see people like you showing an uncompromising adherence to strong moral and ethical principles and values.
  8. Yeah, I love it when they declare it on the board they "want" the items, then PM you to cut your price (while other potential buyers move on).
  9. pm sent for the reels, flashers, spoons, stickbaits (and boxes)
  10. Thank you. I accidentally came across them at the Dreamweaver site three weeks ago and "had to" order some.
  11. Ross Reels CLA 4 These were my step-father's and he only used them for three seasons at most and did not use them for the last three years. I do not fly fish. I hope what I am asking is a fair price. Both reels only come with the orange backing line. Reel #1 $90 shipped Reel #2 $90 shipped
  12. Magnum Dipsy Diver (Luhr Jensen) with package of 4 additional rings. $20 shipped.
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