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  1. I will buy the Sam's Pro Releases
  2. Thanks for the replies (Bozeman Bob and Last One). This is a starting point. I do not know if Flo-Fast has gravity fed but I will check.
  3. Was wondering what brand I should look for (or features I should look to have) when purchasing a Portable Gravity Fed Fuel Tank. I am looking at getting a 12 to 16 gallon tank on wheels (probably want pneumatic tires) with a good quality nozzle. I need one for the side by side and one for a family member's boat on Seneca. What do you recommend. Thanks!
  4. Hillside

    for sale : usa Robo

    go to the listing you want to change click on the three dots in the right-hand corner of the post choose edit click to deselect "for sale" click to select "sold/closed" save
  5. X2 - I bought some stuff from him and he is very easy to deal with.
  6. Ten Michigan Stinger spoons. In NEW and Like New conditions. $35 (shipped within the contiguous US)
  7. Lot A: Ten Dreamweaver spoons (DW size) In NEW and Like New conditions. $35 SOLD Lot B: Ten Dreamweaver spoons (DW size) In Like New and Excellent conditions (note the defect in the orange gold one & the difference in the green/orange taped ones). $35 SOLD Lot C: Ten Dreamweaver spoons (DW size) In Excellent condition. $35 (shipped within the contiguous US) Lot D: Ten Dreamweaver spoons (DW size) In Excellent condition. The extra pictures show the frog is metallic frog and the other is black/silver/glow. $35 (shipped within the contiguous US)
  8. Took the riggers off the boat today and went out perch fishing. It was a fun day. We kept 40 perch for a few dinners. The highlight of the day was when our anchor got hung up on something. In the water I went and down to the snag and freed it. The water was refreshing. I hope the water level stays where it is with the rain coming. I want more days like today.
  9. I did not try running meat (a decision we made early). The best marks we had were in 267' to 275'. Crazy marks (marks of bait pods only, fish only, and bait with fish marks) the marks were from 40' to 100' down. We just could not get any more takers (we marked them and kept circling back through from different directions). It was better than staring at a blank screen (it was a challenge [both fun and frustrating]).
  10. Ran out to 400' to try for some steelhead. With the wave forecast and the waves building we knew we were going to fish our way shallower. After 45 minutes of only marking fish we started to troll shallower. When we hit 300' our rigger (down 100' in 50 degree water) with spin doctor and a fly took off. It took 400' off the reel and we could not gain on her. We pulled the other lines and 30 minutes later netted the 22 pound salmon which was hooked in the adipose fin. The only other fish we got within the five hours was an 8" Coho on a 4 3/4" magnum spoon (it somehow managed to get all three points in its mouth). We only had one wave come over the side while we were out - my fault, I was driving. The ride back was a blast! No need to wash the rear deck, and my buddy needs no shower - I got him good! Any day is a great day out there as long as you stay safe (and are fishing with someone).
  11. Interesting...I have always applied side pressure when they run. I have always felt that even with 150 feet out that the side pressure accomplishes two things: it lets me see the line better and I feel I can control the fish/boat better keeping it out of my lines and directed where I would "like" the fish to go while at the same time I feel it keeps the rod "loaded". I am looking forward to some other options/theories/opinions. I do get it that there are 150' out and never thought of it that way (does it really "matter"?).
  12. Ten J-Plug style 4" lures with internal rattle - custom painted. No hooks or harnesses. $25 (shipped within the contiguous US)
  13. TWO Dreamweaver Paddles, Classic Style 11" Flashers. One New in Package and one Like New out of package. UV Slick/UV Slick $25 (shipped within the contiguous US)
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