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  1. I fish out of Sodus Point. I figured I will have to wait until the offseason this year to have them make me some.
  2. I have been waiting for Dreamweaver to make some more in the "Midnight Special" pattern too.
  3. Backinthegame, you have done well the last two times (July 1st and the 4th). Good job and thanks for the reports.
  4. X2 . . . but I never run 4 flashers (just what I am comfortable with)
  5. Dan, I have been reading your posts and was thinking the same thing...
  6. I do the same as jimski2. The little time it takes is worth it. I, however, will not travel directly N or S, but the wind is at my stern.
  7. We started in 220 and worked out to 260 and the temperature break was between 96' and 102'. Oh, I loved the fact that we got 10 chances. I have to suck it up and learn (it was not the hooks, I checked them all (and sharpened a few points) and they all caught fish the previous two days). I spent today cleaning the inside of the boat and scrubbing the bottom while one of my kids and her friend swam off of the boat (off the coast guard station in Sodus Bay), and my wife reading on the bow. This was a good day too!
  8. Same spot as yesterday. Started with the same setup. Why change what worked awesome yesterday? We got all six rods in and sat for ten minutes, Mag Carbon 14 takes a hit and three minutes later it spit the hook. I looked at my buddy and said, "that is not a good omen". Boy was I correct. I lost three fish and my buddy lost three fish (last year he an I only lost ONE). Only one was a break off and only one other wrapped the diver wire and got free. We lost fish from the fly, from each of our six lines. We went 3 for 10! All were solid hookups and fights of at least three minutes. I checked all the hooks (no issues). The one that "broke the camel's back" was when we had to pull five lines to prevent being spooled. My buddy's 13 year old fought it for 20 minutes then handed the rod off to his dad. It was straight down. We got the fish to within ten feet of the boat AND 45 FEET STRAIGHT DOWN! Eight minutes later, with the dad still holding the rod and not gaining, the line went limp. We were all devastated and nobody said or did anything for three minutes, then I looked at my buddy and started setting up a rigger and we went back at it. Three for ten in the same spots just couldn't get them to the boat. The only color change we made two hours in (due to the overcast conditions) was to take off the two froggy green spoons and swap one for purple and silver and the other to black with purple and white back. Both took hits. Hoping to be back at it for an evening troll next week Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thursday. Temperature break where we were is down 90 feet (45 degrees). When we "strayed" off path, the temps were all over the place (57 degrees down 89 feet).
  9. I use the same spray as Frogger (due to his recommendation...thanks Mike).
  10. I'm happy you got some action out there. Our spin doctor and fly off of the rigger only took two for us. One of which was part of the triple. The hard part right now is finding the constant temperature break. We were running our fly at 94 feet down.
  11. Thanks Les. I hope this means things are setting up. Monday during the four hours we managed to get three to the boat and lost one (two coho; 16 and 18 inches and a 15 pound king). Now the challenge is to replicate today's action (somewhat). It has been very warm out there with little to no breeze (drinking water is crucial while you are out there).
  12. My buddy, his 13 year old son and I had a good day on the water. We started setting up at 6:30 and could not get the sixth rod in until after 8:34. We boated 13 of 17. One of the ones we lost was only about 15 pounds but a good fish (wrapped around the downrigger cable as the net entered the water [my fault]). One of the other ones we lost was under 15 pounds (but not by much is my guess) my buddy inadvertently removed the hook with the net. We had two doubles and one triple. We had gone out Monday for four hours so we had an idea of what to do today. We went to our spot and it was dead calm (the water was like glass - I was thinking this can't be good; I love being wrong sometimes). The hot spoon of today for us was Moonshine Carbon 14 down 102 feet over 220' to 260'.
  13. Definitely not silver plated. I am not sure if that would mean they are stainless steel.
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