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Jim K

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  1. Jim K

    Hello Everyone

    Thank you. I have quite a few on my you tube channel that were filmed in the St Lawrence in previous years. This year, the only thing I filmed up there this year was a little piece on underwater lighting where I evaluated an inexpensive light for sports cameras. It's intended for divers, but here it is. Picked up one nice coho and a laker trolling Ontario yesterday. Marked lots of bait.
  2. Jim K

    Hello Everyone

    Hello Everyone I'm Jim Kinner, a longtime fisherman and diver. I fish the tribs pretty heavily during the runs.When I fish lake Ontario, I have a 12 year old 18 ft aluminum and a bunch of mostly 30 year old gear. Got riggers, Dipsy's and boards. Best suited to running spoons, as I have a lot of them. I do have some dodger and fly rigs, and a spin doctor or two. Also have some old J-Plugs. I don't know if anyone fishes them anymore? I'm located in Tonawanda N.Y. We mainly run out of Youngstown and occasionally Olcott. I like fishing the bar, and adjacent waters. I fish lake Ontario only about 6 times a year. It's always nice to get current information & I hope this site helps with that. I have shot underwater video for years. here's my latest from the upper Niagara. Hope you enjoy it.