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  1. Anyone ever launch from there? Is it any good? And biggest question is it open? If anyone knows thank you
  2. I also fish alone and use a bungee like said above it’s not perfect but is a lot less of a headache than not having anything!
  3. Thanks, I’ll try that tomorrow morning!
  4. What’s a good temp to start with? I thought I heard 49 is a good place to start but can’t remember.
  5. Nice pics TrophySeeker I thought Dave would have sold the Hard Merch. for the new boat.
  6. Was sad to hear tonight that “Duffy” passed away earlier this month, R.I.P.
  7. 92xerNY

    Humminbird info

    Could be the networking cable.
  8. Bought new never used, went with different pedistals. Looking for $45 for both. PM or text 3155597334, Rick
  9. 36” 12-volt, 36lb thrust. Was my dads looks like he never used it. Still with box, clamp looks like it was never clamped down.
  10. Definitely worthy, the seminars will suck you in and before you know it the day flew by and you didn’t check out everything you wanted. That’s why I’ve been going Saturday and Sunday lol
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