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  1. Expo in Niagra

    Definitely worthy, the seminars will suck you in and before you know it the day flew by and you didn’t check out everything you wanted. That’s why I’ve been going Saturday and Sunday lol
  2. Expo in Niagra

    Not that I post a lot on here but I’ll be out there Friday night to Sunday.
  3. 2 Chamberlain Releases New this year only used a few times since June. Selling both for $25. I will be in Pulaski most weekends this fall or while the boat is still out you could also find me on Skaneateles or Owasco on the weekends if someone what's to meet up to buy them, otherwise I'm in North Syracuse. PM or reply if interested.
  4. Is this still true launches are open, was going to head there Sunday morning if so?
  5. Holy!!! Heading there after work thank you!!
  6. Sodus launch? Are there any open launches in Sodus? I think I'm going west a little from Oswego Sunday, Harborfest is going to mess things up!
  7. cannon downrigger

    I've been using mine for a couple seasons now havent had any issues but now I have to look.
  8. cannon downrigger

    Wont Cannon warranty that??
  9. Kicker Bracket

    I use one of these kind of inexpensive and nice.
  10. RAM Mount Hummingbird Lowrance RMR-117 & B-117 RAM 1" Ball Mount for the Humminbird 100-700 Series, Matrix Series and Lowrance Elite-5 Series. Used for 1 season $20. Text or PM Rick 315-559-7334