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  1. Just bought 2 cannon electric downriggers. The guy I bought it from said he couldn’t get the mag 10a to work. I brought it home Hooke it up and tapped the motor with a hammer to see if it was just seized from sitting. Now when it is hooked up it automatically starts going down and will not stop if I try and move the switch positions. Any ideas? I ordered a new switch hoping that the switch is just stuck in the down position. Could it be an electrical issue elsewhere?
  2. I fish out of Rochester with my 16’ all summer for Kings. A mile out is about 100’ of water. I caught fish around that depth all last summer. You can go deeper just fine as long as the lake is calm. Just watch the forecast and keep an eye on the waves and wind direction and you will be fine.
  3. Maribou steelhead jigs with 1/64 or 1/32 ounce head. Can make them in white, purple, pink, or black. Heads can be unpainted, pink, or white. 5 jigs shipped to your door for $5.
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