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  1. Maybe with all these changes it might be time to think about an AM ONLY tourney. NO Pro's allowed. An AM tournament ran by AM fisherman. The current series has stated declining participation on the AM side as the reason for their changes. The Pro/Am series always prided itself on being a tournament that consistency paid off. Now they are going to pay 60 checks and if you have a bad day thats OK. What is this youth baseball where everyone gets a trophy.Oh ,but wait we want you to pay close to triple. The towns that host the current Pro/Ams, I am sure they would love to have more fisherman visit their regions or maybe run out of some new ones. Simple rules,low fees, could make it something to think about and provide the tournament experience that we have all come to enjoy. Based off of 25 boats, it could provide some nice cash payouts. Here is a basic format: 1. No communication 2. 6 fish- culling allowed 3. No observers- (boat coolers checked in morning of tourney) 4. Same scoring (point per pound-10 points a fish) 5. $300 per boat entry fee What are your thoughts?
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