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  1. greg, I'll take the 8 flies, please send paypal info
  2. Merry Christmas Hank! Keep track of that team of salmon, I'm gonna need them to pull my boat this season, can't afford gas!!
  3. I have 2 Jaspers, 1 in truck and 1 in boat, both work great. Would definitely buy another.
  4. Sorry, first classified post. $200.00 for everything shown plus shipping, or possible meet in Sodus.
  5. 840 thermo troll all cables, transducer, probe, ready to go.archive (10).zip
  6. beem running them for years on divers, still stock and not one issue.
  7. Eat it near every trip for last 3 summers. Immediately clean about 8 inch chunk of thickest fillet, pull pin bones with needle nose pliers, pack it in ice for 2 hours then slice thin and serve with soy sauce and slices of jalapeño pepper, which I always carry on board. All my guest eat it and love it, can't believe how much better it is than store bought! Sooo, have eaten much in 3 seasons, and not a single person got sick or didn't like it!
  8. stevent

    Sold / Closed Cruisers 3270 esprit

    I guess Lester and I will have an available mate anytime now, right Mike?
  9. Did you sell these or still available?
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