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  1. I guess Lester and I will have an available mate anytime now, right Mike?
  2. It is fixed and my entry is in! Vacation is on the calendar.
  3. Site is not working for me. Anyone know when/where the entry form can be had?
  4. Hey Les, let me know what days you need me, I'll take off work! lol
  5. Have L&M in Port Bay do it, HANK's the man
  6. I'll take them. Call me @ 717-250-2970 or PM me with payment and shipping details
  7. stevent

    Merry Christmas

    Thanks HANK, and a happy and prosporous new year to you and yours. Check PM
  8. Best day this year, plus my two grandsons, 7 & 11 were along to help enjoy it. We went 7 for 9 with a mixed bag of steel and kings, with 2 kings over 26lb by boat scale and a 30' steel. Dipsies early 250 to 300, then changed to all riggers out around 400. the look on their faces was better than the fishing, 2 new Lake O fishermen for sure!
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