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  1. I stopped to taughannock to fish from shore for an hour before work this morning. Lots of boats going out. A couple in the water by the point and 3 or 4 waiting in line to launch
  2. No. Talked with a couple guys there that said jigging has been slow but guys fishing live minnows have been catching fish. I didn't have any bait and was jigging. I'll try again in a couple weeks
  3. I fished from shore there for an hour this morning. I walked over the bridge and the launch was good and clear.
  4. I'm interested as well. Not trying to step on your toes Ccowell1. If that sale falls through, let me know. I can meet in sodus. Thanks
  5. John Mann made my cover this past fall. Super guy, great quality, great price. Should have done it years ago. Trailers beautifully. The key is it fastens down with snaps along the side and has a drawstring to pull the cover tight around the boat. It uses bows for support, not poles, so they don't fall over. Its also really heavy fabric. Mine is a 16ft boat for size comparison.
  6. I ordered 2 sets of the carbontex drag washers from ebay for a couple old penn 930s I picked up this winter. I put them in last weekend. They seem smooth so far, but that's just from me testing pulling line. Seem like good quality but havnt landed fish on them yet. These old reels had leather drag washers so I'm sure the carbon ones will be an upgrade from them. Fingers crossed.
  7. Thanks guys. I'll probably order that pack from all seasons.
  8. Hi everyone. Does anyone know where to get the replacement surgical tubing for slide divers? Mine is shot after last season. Do I have to get the set directly from them, or has anyone gotten it anywhere else? Thanks
  9. Yes. Bought an okuma classic dipsey rod, took the regular tip off and put on a twili tip. It was my wire slide diver rod last season and was flawless. The rod was maybe $50, so cheap as well
  10. My PB Brown from Cayuga is 10lbs. To think this was almost twice the weight is really impressive! Had to be a blast to catch from shore!
  11. I had a cover made by John last October. He said he had no plans on slowing down and still had a bunch of work coming up. Hopefully he is still working. He did an amazing job on my cover.
  12. Very Nice! Yeah, it was a beautiful morning. That's for sure
  13. How did you make out? Was that you in the well craft with the pup that went out this morning? I was fishing from the wall at taughannock this morning. Could buy a hit, and I didn't see anyone from shore land anything. Man, that flat lake this morning has me itching to get the boat out
  14. Sounds good. Thanks everyone. I'm thinking the light action rod with 15lb main line to the leader would make it fun. Then when fleas show up go to heavier line. I think I'll add 2 of those light action ugly sticks to my rigger reels
  15. Hi all, I've been doing some reading and some thinking. I'm thinking of lighter rods for my fingerlakes set up. I've been looking at the ugly stick big water trolling rod in 8'3 light action. Anyone use a light action rod on cayuga? I'm currently using a ML but I think the light action would be fun, and could likely handle what cayuga can produce. It would only be used on the fingers. My king set ups are heavier. Thanks
  16. Not from a boat. I've gone from shore at t falls a few times recently. There has been alot of people there with it being warmer. All three docks or walls loaded with guys. Saw a couple good size lakers taken from right on bottom. I havnt seen any browns or salmon caught while I've been there. Curious how it looks from a boat.
  17. The spiral eye idea is intersting. I had to look up what that was. I might try playing with that this winter. It would be intersting to see a rod like that loaded up and bent over would be like
  18. Hi guys. I'm looking to upgrade my downrigger rods. I currently have a couple of the okuma classic downrigger rods in 8'6 medium light. I like them, and think a medium light would work well. This rod would be primarily for teolling cayuga lake, so doesnt have to be king salmon heavy. It will be paired with a shimano tekota. I've come across the okuma white diamond rod. Anyone use those? Not looking to break the bank but want a better quality rod to go with the new reel
  19. Here's a better pic of the brackets and bar. This was before I re did my transom, so it's just a touch different now but the idea is the same. Hope this helps
  20. A little hard to see in this pic, but same set up. A bar attaching the front of the motors with ball sockets so each motor can trim up and down independently and not bind. Works great. The brackets are homemade for the motors that the bar attaches to
  21. What size would everyone recommend for a shimao tekota for a downrigger reel? I usually run 30lb main line to 50 to 100 ft of whatever leader, either 10-12 lb for the fingers or 20lb for lake O. Mainly fish the fingers though. It would be replacing an old made in USA penn 210. I have an okuma coldwater 30 as a wire diver reel but have always had my eye on the shimanos. Thanks
  22. Controlking for me as well. Installed it myself. Super easy. Have it right next to the throttle for the big motor where my arm rests. I just have to drop my wrist and the knob is right there for speed. Really handy
  23. I've always oogled and ahh'd over the crestliner commanders. Spent alot of time looking over one at the Syracuse boat show one year. When my current boat gets to the point of needing replacement that'll probably be the first I look at. That price tag though...
  24. I appreciate all the advice. I decided to bail on Owasco tomorrow. The weather is holding so am actually going to winterize the boat early and do a few projects on the old girl that I've been wanting to do for a while. Sorting out old wiring from the previous owner etc.
  25. Anyone have any advice on where to start fishing Owasco? I'm trying to target bows, browns, maybe the occasional laker. Walleye would be a bonus. I spend alot of time on cayuga and lake O on occasion but have never fished owasco. I plan on launching from emerson park saturday morning. Would you start east side, west side etc? Looking at a map there is a hump on the west side that rises from the bottom not far from the launch at the north. Maybe start there? Also, is there a kiosk or something to pay at on the way in emerson park or do you just pay someone on the way out. Never launched there. Thanks for any advice!
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