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  1. Cayuga has produced some really good fish so far this year.
  2. Nice job. I left myers this morning also but at around 6. That fog was crazy. Had to navigate by the gps. You couldn't tell if you were paralleling shore or headed for it. I managed a hefty landlocked, but it was only 17 inches so it lived to fight another day and grow. The coloration was gorgous. I had a few more misses on my wire slide diver but nothing was there. No rigger hits. I was in tighter than you guys. I struggled to find the fish this morning. Still, what a beautiful morning out there.
  3. Nice landlocked. I've caught some smaller ones this spring but no landlockeds of any size yet.
  4. Snuck out for a few hours this morning. Managed a 15 inch LL, and then a hog of a laker. Probably 7 to 8 pounds. As it got closer I noticed a 12 inch lamprey stuck to the side. It's the first time in 3 years of fishing Cayuga that I have caught a fish with a lamprey still attached. Hopefully that's the last lamprey I'll see for a while....
  5. My setup is pretty simple. Two 8'6 okuma classic pro glt downrigger rods, I think they were $30 a piece. Paired them with old made in the USA Penn 210s i got off ebay. They hold a bunch of line and work well for downrigger rods. I think i paid $20 a reel. Then i run a wire slide diver straight out the back. That rod was a little pricier but not too bad. It's an okuma 9ft diver rod with an okuma coldwater 30. All I do is change leaders for species and that's it. I fish solo most of the time so just run the three rods. Best part is, if I break a downrigger rod or something I dont have alot of money tied up in them. The wire slide diver is my favorite part of my setup.
  6. Is there a solenoid on the trim pump? My merc trim pump, granted 10 years older, has a solenoid on the top of it. Maybe that's gone bad? My starter solenoid went bad last year and it would just click and not start. $10 later, it was replaced and started right up. My trim pump has the same type solenoid as the starter, located on the top where the wires come in. If it's original, an older, it might have gone
  7. Its improved a bit. I was out this morning. Theres still some debris but nothing like it was this past weekend. It's not super clear but not chocolate milk either. Definitely getting better
  8. Thanks everyone. The kype was pretty cool on this fish. It's the biggest brown I've caught out of cayuga yet.
  9. Didnt mention what lake. Cayuga, southern end
  10. Decided to hit the lake for a few hours this morning. Glad I did. Had a decent laker on early, then a smaller landlocked. All of a sudden my two rigger rods tangle together. Weird. I start hand lining one in to see if its tangled on something, and notice theres something on it. By this point I'm too far in handling to stop. All of a sudden the line gets real tight and I realize I am fighting the biggest brown yet, by hand. When all was said and done, theres stuff thrown everywhere in the boat, my coffee spilled all over the floor, and theres a 9 lb brown in the cooler. What a crazy morning. Oh, and I'm fishing solo. 9 lbs according to my scale in the boat. 30ft of water, jointed rapala
  11. Yeah. The waters nasty right now. It wasnt fun weaving through all of it coming out of myers. There was no way around it. Hopefully it can clear out some by next weekend
  12. Launched out of myers at 5:30 solo. Ran to the south end. Lots of debris and crap in the water. Fished the west side since there was less debris on that side. Water temp as 42-44 according to my garmin. Marked alot of fish in the 50 foot range. Big marks down 30 over 50. Couldn't get them to hit on anything. Ended up with one probably 6 pound laker for the morning, released to fight another day. Healthy fish. I fished in tight with planers, out deep with riggers, fast at 3 mph, slow at 1.5 mph, and everywhere inbetween. Marked alot of fish but only one taker. Beautiful morning though. Cant beat getting out on a morning like this.
  13. That was it. Ran it on the muffs this morning and it ran great. No more gas leaking from that seal. Went out for a spin on the lake. Started and ran great. Thank you all for the responses and help. Back to fishing in the morning, around all the logs and debris it the lake from the storms 😆
  14. I think I found it. I took another look at the carbs. When I primed the bulb with the engine off, gas was seeping from the seal of the upper carb to the fuel bowl all around the carb and dripping onto the lower carb. I'm assuming if gas is coming out, air could get in. I know your not supposed to do it, but I threw the old seal back in. I hooked it straight to the gas tank and no more gas leak. I'll put it back together in the morning and test. I either overtighten the seal, or the new one wasnt quite right. Here's to hopefully be back fishing by sunday morning
  15. Good idea. I'll check for an air leak too. I'm going to through it on the muffs to start saturday. I can check the idle and this issue before heading to the lake for final tune in the water. With the weather nice saturday I'm sure there will be a bunch of people at the launches.
  16. Thanks everyone. I'll play more with the mixture. It's hard to believe that this motor never did this, then I clean the carbs, and there would be something major wrong. It also has all new fuel line and new fuel filter. I'll put the original filter back on and tune it more. I'll double check all the bolts and seals and make sure I'm not getting an air leak somewhere. Also, it's not hesitating during acceleration at all. Super responsive. I literally let it idle for 5 mins on the lake. Then some high speed. Then let it idle for 5 mins. No problems. Then slowly went in to the dock, put it in neutral and it died. I really think it's a fuel supply issue. I guess I'll know more saturday
  17. Yeah. That was my thought. I changed the stock fuel filter to a glass aftermarket one when I changed the fuel lines. I am going to put the stock fuel filter assembly back on to see if that helps. My concern is that the aftermarket one is more restrictive than the original. The motor ran well, and never did this before I cleaned the carbs so I'm thinking it's something I changed.
  18. Nice looks good. I had a weird experience tuning my carbs the other day. Motor starts, idles great. I went out on the water and ran it for probably 15 mins. Fadlst, slow, idle. All looked good. Then it cauoghed and died. I was about to start it again. Ran fine for the next 15 mins and coughed and died again. It seems to be getting plenty of fuel. And it idled for 5 mins just fine before that happened. I know the carbs are clean so shouldn't be an issue there. Fuel pump looked good so I didnt replace it. Any ideas?
  19. Yeah. That's seen better days. That's for sure
  20. Carbs are back in and ready to tune in the morning. On a side note, you got me curious about the wires from the stator and ignition. When I first bought my boat in 2016 it had been sitting for 3 or 4 years. It didnt run well, and would only rev half way and then cut out and had issues starting again. I took it to a mechanic because at that time I wasnt willing to tackle a project like that. The more I looked tonight, the stator and switch box look like what the mechanic replaced. The wires are new and the date is 2016 on a date sticker. Here's what it looks like on my motor, and my finished carbs. Goodluck. It appears alot of this wiring is pretty easy to get to.
  21. Sounds good. Mine are set at one turn out right now, so that sounds like a good starting point and should probably be pretty close. Goodluck with the stater. Hopefully it's not too bad to do
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