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  1. Fished there last friday and saturday. 7 knock offs in 140 to 160 but no one was there. Ran deeper Saturday and marked fish but couldn't get them to take anything. The fish are there, just scattered.
  2. Hi all. With mornings feeling more like fall it has me thinking. I have a fish biology question I guess. So, the kings spawn in the fall on the big lake. What happens on the fingerlakes? And how does that affect fishing? I usually fish right up to when it freezes in the fall but never put much thought into what the fish are doing that time of year. Are they spawning in September? I know it's sort of a dumb question but as we roll through August and through to december, what are the fish doing as the water and air get colder? Thanks in advance
  3. I had 3 hits with no one home again this morning out of fairhaven. All in 150 to 160. Everyone I talked with at the launch didnt have any luck either. Beautiful day on the water though. I'll hold off a couple weeks and then make the trip again.
  4. Same with the followers. Saw many of them that would not hit. Speed up, slow down, didnt matter. They only wanted a look. All 4 hits I had were on green flasher green fly. I agree on the waves. I have a 16 ft boat. It was doable but was a rodeo doing it solo when it picked up later in the morning. Hopefully it lays down some tonight so I can sneak out farther tomorrow morning
  5. Nice! If you dont mind me asking, what Fow were you in? I was out of fairhaven this morning. Had 4 hits but no one home. Scattered Mark's 140 out to 200. Temp is deep. I'm headed back up for tomorrow. Thinking of setting up in 200 and pointing the boat to canada and fish deep.
  6. I dont blame you lol. I do have a small boat. 16 ft but has a 60hp and is built well. I guess I should mention that I've never fished fair haven in late september. I've always launched at mexico and ran to the salmon river later in August. I cant speak to how the fishing is in September other than deeper water is closer for this time of year
  7. I second Fair Haven. With a small boat the deeper water is closer. The launch is nice from the state park and it's only a short ride out. I'll be launching there Friday and Saturday this week and weaving my way through the tourney guys
  8. Yeah. I got back to the launch to pull the boat at about 11. There was a long line of boats waiting to go out. I was a little surprised to get to the launch right at 5am and the lot was 3/4 full already. Crazy.
  9. Thank you Gambler. At one point I counted 42 other boats in sight! I stayed away from the pack and did my own thing. Stayed inside longer than the pack did and then shot out past them to 200 and worked my way out. Crazy how many boats were out there
  10. Yeah, the temp thing for me is new this year. I have an old fish hawk that's just a temp probe that's on a wire. So I have to reel it up and down to check temp. It's sort of a pain but gets the job done. I usually fish the finger lakes so lake ontario is still a learning curve. I find the challenge fun, and the more I learn and try the better it's getting. Kings are a rush solo. Rod in one hand and net in the other. I love it! Haha
  11. I try to target mid 40s and then fish a little above that. Or a sharp temp break. I'm still learning how the wind effects the temperature and how far offshore it's going to be. Especially after an east wind. That's why I slid a bit deeper as the morning progressed.
  12. Yesterday was my first time launching out of Fairhaven. Made the run solo. I left the dock at about 515 and set up in 100 just to look for temp. Found it down 80 to 100. Set up with a meat rig, flasher fly, and carbon 14 spoon. Within 10 mins the rod with the carbon 14 fires. It was a smaller, maybe 6 lb king. I had a feeling the larger fish were out a little deeper so trolled out to 240. Then the same rod, with the carbon 14, fires hard and the drag is screaming. As soon as I grab the rod I see the fish jump 2 or 3 times. Really cool. He felt larger than what he was, weighting in at 13 pounds. I never moved a rod after that. But, temp was all over the place. I think temp was higher than where I was set up. I think temp was more like 60 ft out deeper like that. All in all, 2 for 2 and off the water by 11. Not bad for a solo run out of a different port. There had to be some huge fish out there. I took a pic of a huge mark of the fish finder down 60ft over 240. That's why I'm thinking temp came up out there. I really should have stopped and dropped the probe to find out. Owell, next time. What a beautiful morning
  13. Tight lines everyone. I am making the shift a little west and heading out of fairhaven tomorrow morning.
  14. I had one rivet I drilled out that was loose and leaking. I couldn't get to the inside to fix it right since it was under the floor, which I had just replaced. Not sure it was the best idea but its held up great for 3 years: drilled the hole to 3/16 and used a stainless open head rivet. Then sanded all the paint off 2 inches around the rivet to bare metal. I then took some jb water weld and mixed that up real good. I put that over the rivet and bare metal to make a 4x4 inch square. Once that harded fully I sanded it smooth. That jb water weld is an solid as the aluminum. Again, probably not the correct way to fix it, but it's going on 3 years and hasn't leaked a drop.
  15. Ahh. Looks like its the little salmon river shootout. Guess I should find another port to launch out of
  16. I'll be headed out of mexico sat morning. Probably heading towards the power plant. Hopefully the east wind hasn't pushed temp out too far.
  17. My vote is for Garmin. I love mine. 3 years, not one problem. Has lake vu maps with gps pre loaded.
  18. Hows the mexico launch been? Are all lanes open to launch boats? I heard when they re opened launches from covid, it was down to only one lane to launch. Thinking of heading out of there Sat. Thanks
  19. Hi all, I am planning on making a solo trip to Sandy Saturday as long as the wind report holds. If anyone wants to work together finding fish PM me and I'll give you my cell. I will update Thursday night with a definite yay or nay for the trip based on the wind. Seems like it changes by the hour.
  20. Well, I didnt get to experiment with the meat rig this morning. I went out at first light from myers. Within 5 mins somehow I managed to wrap my downrigger line around the prop of my kicker. Then when deploying my wire diver, the wire got pinched in between the spool and side of the reel and got stuck. So I trolled with the main motor and 1 downrigger for a while and called it. Not my morning I guess. I didnt even want to try the meat rig. For my luck this morning it would have broke off or something. O well. Time to fix everything and hit it hard again next weekend. Fleas were real bad by taughannock
  21. Yeah, I'll have to give it a try I guess. Maybe if the weather holds for sunday morning. It's an 11 inch white kingfisher glow paddle and white atomik meat rig, so maybe 100' down for big suspended lakers? Or 50' down suspended for landlocks first thing in the morning. Hmm... I will report back with my testing
  22. Hi all, Maybe a dumb question but is anyone using meat rigs on cayuga? I just got a set up for lake O when I can get up there. I know flasher fly combinations work on the fingers but I wasnt sure on meat. It's not real herring, it's the mc rocket strips. Thanks
  23. Yeah. Weeds were real bad. East and west side. Made it hard to run rods solo in the chop this morning. As soon as I thought they were clear they would load up with weeds again. I saw some decent screens around lodi where I had the releases, but no one home. Most marks were up high like your screen. I did see some really good looking screens up by sampson but I drifted into 40 ft of water re rigging poles. My assumption was they were perch or something.
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