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  1. These are new, never used. I have three. Ten bucks each or all three for $25 I'm in Rochester, near the Coast Guard station. I will ship on your dime. Here's the description from the Berkley website: " Fully adjustable with mounting bracket Securely holds all types of rods Tough polypropylene construction Mounts on the side or top of gunnel Comes in black" To see their photos copy and paste this: https://www.berkley-fishing.com/berkley-tools-and-equipment-rod-management-berkley-fishingear/boat-rod-holder/1285930.html
  2. Is the word, "FRANCE" stamped into the small spinner blade that is near the treble hook ?
  3. R1150R


    I'm in the middle of a repair like yours. ( See topic, "Closed Head rivet help Please" ) Mine is on the keel, just to the right of center, about 1 foot in front of the transom. The thickness I'll be going through is approx. 5/32 or .3.968 mm so I ordered closed head rivets with a 0.126" - 0.250" grip range. The hole diameter is 11/64 so I'll be enlarging it a hair to 3/16. I had trouble finding a source for small quantities of closed head pop rivets and 3M 5200 but was able to order a dozen from Fastenal. It was recommended that I seal them with 3M 5200 as well. Source was Wally World 3 oz. for @ $10. I'm fortunate in that both sides of where the missing rivets are is easily accessible. I hope yours are as well. I'm waiting to hear from the LOU member who has the heavy duty tool that is needed for me to pop the pop rivets then I can get on the water. Good luck, Bill
  4. I PM'd the guy on LOU that said he would assist me with the use of the heavy duty tool so I can pop the pop rivets but I haven't heard back from him yet. Hopefully soon.
  5. Thanks to all who responded. We have a Fastenal store in Rochester and they ordered the rivets. The 3M 5200 is on the way too. A few "honeydo" jobs and a couple of motorcycle trips have slowed progress but my rivet repair should be done soon.
  6. I'll bet he wants to come back and do it again.
  7. Hi, My 16" Starcraft began to leak and I tracked the problem down to a few missing rivets at the stern on the hull near the center. In doing my homework as to how to repair them I've gleaned much advice from the "Old Boat" forum. Thanks to all who posted the many "How to's" . As near as I can tell, I'm going to need 3 or 4 "Closed Head" pop rivets and some 3M 5200. What I need help with is a source (hopefully in the Rochester area) for a small quantity of closed head pop rivets and a small quantity of"5200". One of the guys on LOU has kindly offered to let me use the hd tool to install the rivets but no one locally stocks the rivets and most sources I've found sell them in huge quantities. The hole diameter is 11/64 so I imagine that if I enlarge it a hair to 3/16 I'll be at a stock rivet size. The thickness of the keel and the rib I'll be going through is @ 5/32 or .3.968 mm so a rivet with a 0.126" - 0.250" Grip Range ought to work. Can anyone point me to a source for rivets and '5200' sealer so I can get out on the water? Thanks in advance, Bill
  8. His smile is almost as big as the fish
  9. You didn't say when in August you're coming, but If you'd like some company give me a shout. I'm in Rochester, on vacation 7/31 until 8/13 or so. I'm newly retired, never had a chance to fish Seneca, and would like to learn what works there.
  10. Kyle, Maybe this will help. Here's a link to the Sampson State Park website: https://parks.ny.gov/parks/154/details.aspx
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