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  1. You didn't say when in August you're coming, but If you'd like some company give me a shout. I'm in Rochester, on vacation 7/31 until 8/13 or so. I'm newly retired, never had a chance to fish Seneca, and would like to learn what works there.
  2. Kyle, Maybe this will help. Here's a link to the Sampson State Park website: https://parks.ny.gov/parks/154/details.aspx
  3. Motor has no "issues". It starts easily, runs very strong, pumps water, and lower unit oil is in good shape. The"shaft length", from the inside top of the engine mounting bracket to the bottom of the cavitation plate, is 17 inches. The distance from the inside top of the engine mounting bracket to the center of the prop is 24 inches. As you can see in the pictures, the reason for selling is the motor is not the correct length for my transom height. Asking $675 or B.O. (585)544-9469 Tanks, Bill
  4. I just returned from picking up my 2003 20hp Mercury which was used 1 season, then in storage until today. Thanks to everyone who replied and those who 'took a look' and tried to help. Regards, Bill
  5. Hi Guys, I need a "long shaft", tiller, outboard. Ideally, I'd like a 25 hp, but, a 20 - 15 hp would work. Please email [email protected] with what you've got and how much of the national debt you want to set me back, Thanks in advance. "Semper Fi" Bill
  6. Hi, I'm here because I made a bonehead move and 'assumed' that the outboard I kept when I sold my old boat would fit the new boat I bought. WRONG Now I have a short shaft outboard that's not going to do much good with the prop up in the air. A couple of my buddies suggested I LOU and here I am. I'm hoping to cruise the classifieds and find a 25hp LONG SHAFT outboard. Maybe I'll learn some new stuff and acyually catch a few more fish. Maybe meet some new friends. Bill
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