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  1. Trying to understand the mathematics involved original post 9 rod holders....have sold four and now have 11 left, then sold 2 more and still have 9 left?
  2. boat canvas replacement

    Your best bet although maybe not as closeas you wish would be John Mann at Sodus Bay Canvas . both in terms of quality and price.Contact. 6986 Rt 14 Sodus Point, NY 14555-9517 (315) 871-6400 A second choice (but probably more expensive) would be Geordie Magee from Brewerton: Contact Information: Telephone: Fax: 315-676-7679 315-676-2655 315-247-9352 Mailing Address: Shipping: Magee Canvas LLC Magee Canvas LLC PO Box 463 7 Weber Road Brewerton, NY 13029 Central Square, NY 13036 email: [email protected]
  3. It also is posted as a "Wanted" item
  4. For the Love of Copper!

    The Power Pro braid loses it's dark color pretty quickly but it doesn't seem to lose its strength as fast. You can take it off the reel and switch it around to the opposite end also to extend its lifespan so that the "used" section is nearest to the spindle of the reel spool. It seems as though the actual breaking strength may be substantially greater than the listed pound test without any nicks or abrasions though. Try breaking even the 10 lb test..without cutting it.... Robs info is right on target about the larger the diameter the less it is prone to twisting up and creating knots that seem to be virtually impossible to unravel with the finer diameters.
  5. I think this is the page you want rather than looking around all day on that site for it
  6. Most of my fishing has been during the Summer and Fall months on the Cape but the Cape Cod Canal may be a good bet during the Spring. Someone else here may know for sure. The timing of the tide is critical for them so get a tide chart wherever you decide to go or you could waste a lot of time. The previous comment about seals is real relevant too they are a real problem for much of the season in many places on the Cape..If you decide to go mid to outer Cape check with these folks about what is happening out there and where: Blackbeard's Bait & Tackle Address: 3700 State Hwy, Eastham, MA 02642 (Route #6) Phone: (508) 240-3369
  7. Watkins Glen Flea and Tackle Event

    Get there early as there will be a quick moving line at the door.
  8. Just suggestions but if you intend to fish on Lake O (and possibility of kings) it might be better to use the 1,000 ft of wire and use a fairly heavy pound test ((e.g. 40) section of mono underneath it for backer if needed to fill the reel for a couple reasons: a) any connection point can be a potential failure point e.g. between the backing and wire, and b) the braid under pressure of the wire on top of it is more likely to nest itself and be prone to messes than the wire itself. When you initially put the wire on the reel have the level wind centered on the reel and keep careful pressure on the wire as it is coming on the reel and it should stay even as long as it is always kept under some tension. Instead of the section of mono (e.g. an extra connection point) I merely use a real small bungi cord hooked from the closed swivel at the end of the wire to either the first (large) eyelet of the rod or even on the cross brace of the reel itself for my one piece rods and for two piece I use velcro computer cable ties for the sections placed together and snugged up.
  9. Seneca Watkins Glen Show

    Yeah I look forward to connecting up with you and the other guys.....always a fun time there. Hope to meet up with you at Dennys beforehand. Just PM me with time etc.
  10. Seneca Watkins Glen Show

    Geez Mike you trying to get me killed? These guys know how to tie knots you know.....and rope might be around someplace..
  11. Downrigger Motor Rebuild

    Be interesting to see how this works out.....
  12. Seneca Watkins Glen Show

    I'll probably be right there next to ya Stan
  13. Dave's stuff is always in good shape and high quality and fairly priced. I have received lures from him before and was always very happy with the deal.
  14. Auto-Stop Riggers with braid

    Rick I'm pretty sure of that max. weight recommendation but a couple things come to mind regarding it: First is that Cannon probably used that maximum as a conservative measure relative to the motors standing up over time (and they replaced the motors with stronger ones later in their newer units), secondly, a lot would depend on actual usage of the riggers...occasional use by weekend sports fishermen - a lot less than you guys which may also underscore that they used a conservative recommendation to keep potential complaints and repairs etc. down. When those older rigger are treated well they can last for a long tiime. I have 2 10A's from before 1985 that have had a lot of use over the years but I have stayed within that recommended max. weight limit too. One of the additional considerations I had was if too heavy the riggers may become even slower
  15. State of the Alewife

    Thanks a lot Shane for taking the time and effort to do this as well as sharing it with the LOU community. Very helpful.