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  1. Good going Mark and nice report. It sure doesn't get easier these days getting pounded on the way back in out thtere does it?
  2. Sk8man

    Real rebuild

  3. Sk8man

    Finger lakes Rainbows & Landlocks

    Oops wrong pic....sorry Mike and Mike....didn't mean to get ya upset
  4. Sk8man

    How do I close my acct

    Welcome to the Hotel California
  5. Sk8man

    How do I close my acct

    I know the guy is just trolling for responses and reactions but maybe he/she should ask themselves did they belong here in the first place with that attitude?
  6. Sk8man

    Catch and Release Staging Kings

    They are half dead when you hook them or at least the process has started. It is a major reason I stop fishing them after they start to blacken up...I figure let them spawn in peace but I know that isn't a very popular view for many folks especially the people looking for egg sack material..
  7. Sk8man

    Kicker help

    fishinfreak - I know the above information is well intended and possibly usable but you may find what I did after using the EZ steer that it may not be really necessary in all cases. I used mine for several years and it was a pain in the butt sometimes; especially if you need to release the tie arm while out on the water. Just one more thing to dick around with and a couple hundred bucks that may not be necessary to spend. If you find you actually do need it...fine.... but I think a lot of folks make the assumption that it is absolutely necessasy in all cases without experimenting first.
  8. Sk8man

    Can't sit still

    Way too much bait on Cayuga right now and the fish are very well fed from the looks of them. We had a rainbow the other day that had the shape of a brown
  9. Thanks Mark.....some nice fish caught
  10. Sk8man

    Kicker help

    Where the arrow is pointing is the edge (slightly) inward toward the big motor. I also have the Seastar hydraulic steering.
  11. Sk8man

    Kicker help

  12. Sk8man

    Kicker help

    Just a suggestion but have you tried using it by steering with just the big motor? I used to have an EZ steer but discovered I didn't need it with the new 4 stroke 9.8. My boat is a glass Whaler probably heavier than yours too. I just position the kicker tilted a slight bit toward the big motor and seldom have to re-position it and then only into significant wind. It sure simplified things....worth experimenting before investing in other stuff.
  13. Yesterday there were pods all over the place north and south of deans down 80 ft over whatever and especially packed in from 90-110 down 80