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    Canandaigua NY
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    Freshwater and saltwater fishing, photography, boating, and writing
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    White Porcupine (18 ft.Boston Whaler Ventura)

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  1. Sk8man

    New boat

    Good one John....still laughing.
  2. Sk8man

    New products

    Wow! You've really come a long way with the painting Jason. I'm assuming you'll be at the Watkins show at the end of March right?
  3. Sk8man

    Hardwater report !!

    Thanks Chuck
  4. Sk8man


    Welcome to LOU!
  5. Sk8man

    New boat

    I can run 4 if I want to and Whaler hardware as you know is top notch so the recessed built in holders are very sturdy. I do have swivel bases on the Cannons and that is real convenient
  6. Sk8man

    New boat

    Bill I have been using the gimbals set up that way for 16 years and never a problem and I have the extendable booms etc.. They are really the way to go ....easy removal if you want to safe guard riggers or just go cruising without them.
  7. Sk8man

    Long Pond - use caution

    I think it is good advice no matter where you go Brian. There is some weird funky ice in places everyplace I have been lately.
  8. Sk8man

    Hardwater report !!

    It was lucky but I was fishing for them and perch. 14 ft small tungsten jig with spikes
  9. Yesterday when my son and I were were walking out on the ice at Conesus I stared at a spot on the ice in disbelief. It was littered with dead shiners, dead gills, a pile of charcoal briquettes, a garbage bag with trash, an empty propane tank, and an empty full sized brandy bottle all embedded in the ice. It was the most disgusting example of why some people spoil things for the rest of us whether hunting or fishing. Unfortunately, trying to retrieve the stuff was impossible as it had frozen right into the ice. Several other fishermen I spoke with had seen it and were enraged....really sad. When we came back in I noticed that someone had been able to free and collect the garbage bag and propane cylinder at least.
  10. Sk8man

    Hardwater report !!

    Thanks Mike. It came from Conesus Good luck longspurs.
  11. Sk8man

    Hardwater report !!

    Thankfully I forgot most of it by the time we got there today Thanks for the help at the edge of the hole
  12. Sk8man

    copper set up question

    Rob gave you great advice based on good data
  13. Sk8man

    Hardwater report !!

    Slow day but had some luck 5 pounder.
  14. Sk8man

    copper set up question

    250 or 300 good choice in my opinion as you can add weights to get them deeper if needed and can get them in fairly quick (about like a ten color leadcore) to save on arms and fishes life.
  15. Sk8man

    Hardwater report !!

    Good to see some decent perch from there instead of the dinks