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  1. Nice going. They are one heck of a lot of fun
  2. Ridiculous suggestion especially with covid concerns and bureaucratic factors surrounding food preparation etc.
  3. That is a tough one to call I'd say the chances of screwing up your boat are greater at Sodus though. It was built way too high up and is not a floater as it should have been. VERY awkward coming back in especially.
  4. I don't blame them for not using the public launch as they probably don't want to screw up their boats. That thing is the most poorly designed launch I have ever seen and I thought before they did the "renovations" that they were going to improve things but they actually messed things up more. Whoever did that work could not have been a boater or fisherman.
  5. Congrats to John. You guys have some great fishermen in that group.
  6. There are a number of real good copper guys in the Geneva area of Seneca but right now with the derby approaching they may have lock jaw
  7. At least you got out there for a look Dan Beats the heck out of lawnwork
  8. Be sure to spend some time at the River walk at San Antone great place. It was even great back inthe sixties when I was stationed there
  9. Nice going. I was just at the north end (not fishing) and the gulls were hammering the bait right in front of Kershaw Park so the bait is in close.
  10. Good to see you guys got out Brian. Pretty cold water temp. Tuning up for the derby?
  11. I believe his phone number is posted previously in this post somewhere as he is a busy guy and may not always routinely check this forum every day. He is very diligent about offering a quality product at a very reasonable price so it is worth being patient and trying to contact him by phone etc. rather that just totally relying on him seeing your post or perhaps even a PM.
  12. That is great Greg. I'm sure your help was much appreciated.
  13. PM me your specific questions and I'll try to help.
  14. I used to fish Sodus bay in the Spring when the lake was undoable. Of course it can ALL be undoaable with real high wind from the wrong direction
  15. https://sacramento.cbslocal.com/2021/04/29/california-trucks-salmon-ocean-river/
  16. It would make sense if Suzuki wanted to hold on to their 20 Hp market
  17. I hope they have a good turn out this year as it is a lot of fun and a real chance to use skills to take on the challenge. It would be great if a lot of LOU folks turned out maybe as a change of pace from Lake O or if the wind conditions aren't projected to be good there.
  18. Yes 20 with spoons and 40 -50 for flies. I make my own flies and on them usually 50 lb Big game mono (strong enough for big hits yet having a bit of stretch to absorb shock)
  19. A couple things that enter my mind when talking slide divers: a) the issues concerning use for walleyes are a little different in some respects than for trout and salmon in that in general the presentation doesn't usually need to be as deep as for say Chinooks during the summer. b) So maybe the deeper divers have a larger role in the salmon/trout arena, and when fishing deep the stealth approach of slide divers may not be as necessary, or perhaps even as desirable as other setups as it is for walleyes. I look at the slide divers as something added to the mix to supplement the deeper divers for a more stealthy approach in the upper parts of the water column while the deeper divers excel at the lower levels and therefore the slide divers function well either with or without rings in the upper areas depending on conditions without changing around the weight structure. I know this view flies in the face of many folks personal preference for the slide divers but I also believe in the principle of "using the right tool for the job" at hand. The longer the lead the less action with many lures or flies, and maybe the shorter leads down deep with more action for deeper fish can be a better solution in that is it easier to tell where they are operating at. Just my take on it....
  20. The skinny water is gin clear. I was out last week for about 4 -5 hrs. in my usual spots at north end and only marked 3 fish and no bait at a variety of depths , no hits. It is like a vast wasteland out there....pretty discouraging. I tried a bunch of stuff but there is little out there to begin with.
  21. It may involve a little time but I think you'll be happy you did. The TD may add a small amount of weight but it is not real significant. You're basically talking feet approximations so inches aren't all that critical Boat speed is by far more important.
  22. Since multiple factors may be involved you may want to get a Fishhawk TD and check things out with your own boat and equipment etc. for a better idea.
  23. I use mine on the X4D on my dash. I'd never chance it on the gunwale Just happened to think you might want to check on those Weathertech holders ( for phones in cars) they may have one compatible.
  24. Good point. I guess I really didn't fully think through that part of it with the paracord. The fit in that plastic part is important. It would drive you nuts if it kept slipping out.
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