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    Oneida trip

    Great going NymphO! Those pics of the kids are priceless and no matter what... you are doing the right thing raising them that way. None of us have any guarantees in rearing results but modeling good behavior and exposing them to those kinds of things is certainly the best bet for good results later on.
  2. Sk8man

    Keuka 6/23

    If you have any dodgers try running either a fly or flutter spoon behind (or one of each) it about 8 ft in back of the weight at 1.8 in that 60-110 ft range. Sometimes you need to have your setups close to the ball and slow trolling speed sometimes down to 1.4 even and keeep going back over the fish you are marking
  3. They could be different scales but would need to be zeroed out the same and certified as accurate (e.g. weights and measures certification)
  4. Sk8man

    Keuka 6/23

    Probably be better off if jigging than trolling. They appear to be lakers so try 1.8 to 2.0 mph. If you have gambler rigs use them at the lower speed.
  5. Sk8man

    What pound mono

    OR 30 lb test Bloodrun SeaFlee mono with a 20 lb quality fluoro leader and a solid ring swivel snap.For many years we used straight 12 lb test mono even with 30 plus kings but the flea issue brought an end to thatπŸ˜€
  6. Sk8man

    Lake trout from Cayuga,

    I think Ray is right about the way to deal with the lakers. far as the bluefish go the treatment of them prior to cooking is critical and they can be delicious if it is done right. as soon as caught and getting them on ice is important. Then, when you get "home" fillet them and put the fillets in a garbage bag that contains salt water (sea salt in regular water) and concentrated lemon juice liberally added to the mix. Let it sit for an hour or two. This will kill the fishy taste and remove a lot of oil and you will see clumps of oil in the residue water afterward. I used to grill them using cajun spices and my mother-in-law still talks about them being the best fish she has ever eaten (and she is VERY fussy)πŸ˜€
  7. Sk8man

    Wilson sunset 6/19

    Cool. Last evenings sky was the most unique I've ever seen around here. These are shots I took out back of my place in Canandaigua. Thye are not adjusted in any way except for size
  8. Sk8man

    Cayuga Cayuga 6-15

    Nice going on that bow Cinnemon fish. I didn't see this until now...sorry about that but we caught 9 unintentional lakers 3 -8 lbs and 3 landlocks all about the same near minimum size (one measured with the thought to use in my buddy's smoker but had to go back only 17 1/2 inches). Lost another bigger landlock right at the back of the boat. Had another 4 hits that didn't connect. One landlock had a 12 inch lamprey attached so I figured he'd look better as two halves and he didn't swim away πŸ˜€ We purposely fished the top 40 ft of water from 50 ft out to 300 plus over the course of our troll and only fished the west side from Deans to just before Sheldrake and then north to about 2 or 3 miles north of Deans (couple passes). Most of the fish came from just south of Deans in 114-141 ft of water with 1 laker coming out deep in about 300 ft.Two of the landlocks came off 3 color leadcore on inlines with J-7 gold and orange rapala and another came on a small green Cyclops again of boards on 5 color leadcore. A couple lakers came on flasher/fly run high at 60 ft out and one at 70 ft out.with magnum dipsy. Most others were on riggers set at 35 and 40 respectively. Temps were all over the place during the day as we hit pools of water that were 60 degrees down 38 ft while most of the time it was about 52-56 at 33 ft and 65 on surface. I thought if we stayed high on the column we could avoid the lake trout....forget that theory they are all over the place and one even hit the little gold J-7 Rapala. Nothing on sliders no matter what size. Even the lakers seemed to want a trolling speed around 2.5 at the ball.
  9. Good going Scott and thanks for the report.
  10. Sk8man

    Cayuga Cayuga 6-15

    Thanks πŸ˜€ Going there in AM to give it a shot for the silvers
  11. Sk8man

    Cayuga Cayuga 6-15

    Nice bows. Did you mean west side beteween Shelldrake and Deans Cove?
  12. Take a look at these and it may help sort things out.
  13. The Bonnell boys and Shiela strike again Nice report Dave.
  14. Sk8man

    Boat Maintenance Advice

    I'm not a mechanic I'd say it would depend on the way things looked when evaluating the situation and that goes for the rotor and cap as well.My mechanic buddy would say " If it aint broke don't fix it"
  15. Sk8man


    Real good advice
  16. Sk8man

    Boat Maintenance Advice

    It all looks like normal maintenance stuff to me. but as far as the money partgoes most will be labor and most charge $100-120 or so per hour for it
  17. I had one for 22 years and fished in the shipping lanes with it on Lake O more than once chasing the steelies and the middle of seneca in snow storms in Jan and Feb.. Wonderful safe boats (mine had 35 horse as main engine) and they can be well rigged for fishing with some thought behind it. I had 2 Cannon electrics with extendable booms and even 15 ft outriggers on mine and a 9.9 kicker. During derbies etc. I'd have people coming up to it and taking pics.. Kinda wish I have held on to it for a winter fishing boat For someone considering buying it I'd say have John Mann at Sodus Bay canvas make a dodger for the front of money I ever spent in my life. Breaks the wind, keeps water out, and can serve as a dry storage area or place to read books for kids
  18. Sk8man

    Motels around deans cove

    I think most of the motels are at Seneca Falls/Waterloo at the north end of the lake but there is also the Cayuga Lake State Park which has cabins and camping area. The cabins fill up very quickly during the season though.It is located right on Rt#89 so it is a straight shot right down the road to Deans Cove launch.
  19. Sk8man

    for sale : usa Trolling flies

    or could just name them "Future Flies"
  20. Sk8man

    Dean's cove

    Man is that ever a good one Brian
  21. It sure sounds plausible
  22. Sk8man

    Drifting Live Bait for Trout

    I believe there is a listing in the DEC syllabus that mentions the species of bait allowed but it is nested someplace in the material. I have never heard the thing about nightcrawlers which is surprising as many sold in stores come from Canada. You can catch allowed baitfih in a given lake and use it there but not transport it or use it in another lake as you need a receipt from a certified virus free seller. The problem is : "How do you prove if questioned that the bait came from that lake andf not somewhere else in the absence of a receipt"? You can't use just ANY fish or part of one either. For example, a game fish of any speccies. Also even frozen or dead bait requires a virus free receipt. If commercially prepared dead bait is used you need to have the packaging present. Any baitfish bought that is not commercially prepared requires that the receipt is good for 10 days from the date of purchase. At least this is my current understanding. If someone else knows differently please pipe in.
  23. Sk8man

    for sale : usa Trolling flies

    Nice looking flies. Might want to adjust the date on your camera the pics were taken with though
  24. Sk8man

    Dean's cove

    Maybe you will see him again today and get your lure back