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  1. Yep I have the X4D Bluetooth model so might consider it and use my existing probe as backup. Nice they made it backward compatible.
  2. Ah got ya Thanks. I just had a quick look at the pics on the website....should have looked a little more in depth
  3. So am I correct that it costs 1200 to 1400 WITHOUT the transducer?
  4. Prior to the fleas I used to use 12 lb. Big Game with a 10 lb Seguar fluoro leader on both the Fingers and Lake O. After the fleas it has been 30 lb SeaFlee with 10 lb leader on Fingers and 20 lb fluoro on Lake O. During the early Spring and late Fall I use the former setups on the Fingers when the fleas aren't a problem.
  5. I'd leave the spoon on if light one and attach the TD at the swivel on the leader where it meets the leadcore. Even with the spoon the depth should be within 5 ft or so
  6. It appears to be largely related to warm water temps and when the water gets about 50 or so they seem to disappear but I have read that they definitely winter over.
  7. Several friends and neighbors have had knee and/or hip replacement procedures. Each of them has mentioned that it has been life changing. The rehabilitative therapy (PT) is not easy but as stated above it is totally necessary and can drastically affect to final outcome of the surgery according to them. If it were me I would also check to the degree I could (e.g. online or with people that have had a particular surgeon do it, maybe talk with your primary care physician if you respect his/her judgement). Sometimes reviews can be helpful. Not all surgeons are equal and you should have confidence in the one selected, but also the procedures themselves (multiple ways of doing the surgeries with different re-cooperation times) have improved greatly in recent times.
  8. If you have a Fishhawk TD you can get a little better estimate than just guessing
  9. Breaking the lead inside doesn"t affect the line strength much the outer sheathing gives it the strength. Most kinks can be straightened out too without much effect on line integrity. But....new line is pretty inexpensive too so that is usually a good option as well.
  10. The one on the left looks like a !0A but the one on the right is actually a Digitroll model.
  11. Me too Dan. Hope,to see you out there soon. Thx troutman10. I was hoping the cool nights would get rid of them.
  12. Your tips came from very knowledgeable guys so you can rely on the info, but also know it can be a rather difficult lake to fish sometimes too nowadays but I think the fish are also pretty desperate for food there which can be a plus . Best of luck with it
  13. Once the water temp goes to about 60 or less they will dissipate. A few more cool nights.....
  14. Ditto. Everyone's financial situation is different and many folks have spent thousand after thousand slowly over time but here is a chance for someone to get into the trolling game in one bundle and for a very reasonable amount of money considering the selection of things included. When you contrast this with what it would cost new it becomes very clear that it is a good deal though maybe not be possible for everyone but that is true of many things in life. Best of luck with the sale!
  15. It is coming soon to a location near you Jim
  16. Will do thanks Ted. Anthony. The leaders have spring clips (homemade) at the end which snap to the bead chains so it is just a matter of setting the rod in the holder while I hand line the leaders in. It can be a bit hectic when either 2 fish are on one rig or there are fish on two rigs at once Usually I run three rigs even solo. I use 40 ounce weights that I get from Troutman87 (Harvey) and they work great. I coat them with Plastidip to minimize lead contact and prevent boat scratches.
  17. Hard to tell if it was a "one of" or not. By the way for rig fanciers I don't run my rods in the rigger holder it was just there while I was cleaning the fleas
  18. Greenhornet there used to be Walleyes in here a long time ago but for many years I never heard of any being caught until recently when a friend who is a guide out here caught a good one in his boat. the thinking is that it may have been introduced into the lake from elsewhere.
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