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  1. If you want to accept climate change then you must accept the whole theory of it, not just one little aspect of it. The temperature earth will continue to increase over the next 1.2 billion years to the point that all surface granite will be molten. The only way to prevent this is by moving the earth further away from the sun.Scientists that have no need to lie have theories on how to do this.Scientists with theories get grant money to study theories. Scientists without theories don't get grant money.
  2. Anybody in science with a minimal math background KNOWS FOR A FACT that you can not take a small sample and reach a conclusion. We have only been tracking weather and climate for about 100 years. For the sake of this argument , let's say the earth has been around for 100 million years (way less than it actually is).To reach a conclusion based on a sample of 100 out of 100 million is what is known as statistically insignificant.If a scientist pushed a theory in any other field with the same type of sampling they would be called a fraud.
  3. I tied 30lb. braid to 8 and 10lb mono three years ago for trolling and casting rods.Took a while to get it. Try keeping mono "coil spring" tighter together.
  4. There was a man that had two sons that were identical twins.He was a raging alcoholic, could not keep a job, beat his wife, and was always in and out of prison. One of his twin sons ended up in prison. He too was an alcoholic, a junkie, could not keep a job. beat women he was in relationships with. While undergoing court ordered mental evaluation he was asked "Where did you learn this type of behavior?" He replied "I learned by watching my father." His other twin son became a successful businessman. He had a private jet,a big yacht, homes all over the world.While being interviewed by Forbes Business Magazine he was asked "How did you learn to be so successful?" and he replied "I learned by watching my father." That is the difference between conservatives and democrats. They both see and hear the exact same facts but walk away with different perspectives. The point is you can not teach a democrat anything because they already know it all.
  5. If you put a potato in boiling water it softens.If you put an egg in boiling water it hardens.It is not the circumstances. It is what you are made of.
  6. The first ESLO was sponserd by the city of Rochester recreation department
  7. Dick Schleyer.Fished and hunted with him many times
  8. "Anyhow, did you see the size of the hole behind him? It looks like he was hoping for a big fish! " Hey Silver Fox. Did it ever occur to you that he had to enlarge a smaller hole to get that big fish out.Look at that picture again. I would hate to have you on a jury.
  9. Very easy to solve. This is how my neighbor solved trespassing on his 750 acres bordering Letchworth State Park. If you get caught on his land for any reason he called State Police, not DEC,and had them arrested for trespassing. No warnings, no excuses, no explanations.And whenever possible he would have vehicles towed. He has not had a trespassing problem in over 15 years.
  10. Been there twice this week.Day one 1 laker on a jig 37 fow, 1 rainbow 42 down over 70 on pink/orange FLT spoon. 1 laker 28 down over 70 on stick bait. Day two one bow 42 over 80 on same spoon. 1 laker 42 down over 85 on FLT leftover pizza. Smoked 2 lakers. Delicious.
  11. Kymloch

    New waters

    It has been several years since I was there. Expensive to launch. $25 or $30 if motor is over 15 or 20 hp. I had a 25hp and was shocked. It is a small private lake.
  12. If you wanted to make it fair for everybody, it could be a "live bait only" Derby.No trolling. Let me ask you this. If a person fishing for carp with kernels of canned corn, happens to catch a 24lb. lake trout and is registered in the Derby and wins, do you think they should not allow corn to be used as bait?
  13. matthews and fields in Henrietta or Greece
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