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  1. Still have seats I'm in Rochester 4412720
  2. It's a long shaft motor. Sorry for the delay. Thanks
  3. 30 miles west of Rochester. I'm pretty sure it's 25" long shaft. I'm couple hours from home and I will measure.
  4. Runs great. Has a part that enables you to run lights, etc off motor. "14hp" is apparently popular in other countries where big lights are common. Good runner, i had it on a 14' aluminum but now use as a kicker cause I sold boat. $450 b/o
  5. I bought this motor 4 years ago for a 14` aluminum boat worked great and then I used as a kicker motor for 18` aluminum no issues I found a newer 5hp that I'm using now. I'm not a mechanic but the motor has always worked fine but the 2 issues I had if it didn't start first couple pulls I would change plug and she starts right up?? Also gets leaves ,spiders caught in the cooling line where water comes out. Motor runs great but I haven't used this year at all. $500 b/o oh and i drove myself crazy trying to find any info on a 14hp but I did find it has some sort of special electric component to run lights,etc. You can buy part online I was going to do and charge trolling bats but never got around to it. Its 1989 14hp long shaft
  6. 100% musky trolling in front of the Genny in fall of 2015. 25lbs buddy had it mounted. I’m drawing a blank on the lure name(I have several) but everyone knows the name of it. Fall flatline trolling for kings. I’m sure I can get a pic at some point but it’s a pretty good buddy I’ve seen the mount.
  7. Kkprop

    for sale : usa 86 smokercraft 18' $4250

    $3999 giving it away now.
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