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  1. Knot a Clew

    Lake erie FLIES!!!

    Lake erie FLIES!!! As a new sail boater on Lake Erie we had a fabulous sail on June 17th. Sailing a Macgregor 26 was great! out for twelve hours with all different wind speeds up to 20 knots, down to drifting. Used my "Generator " sail for the first time and it performed as advertised. Not quite a Spinnaker but a windfinder. With just a breath of wind, it moved the boat quite nicely. The "Generator" is a relatively new sail design called a triradial. I love the sail but I can't say anything good about the company that sells them. Contact me for more on that if you need to know more. But back to my Topic. Does anyone have a way of dealing with those vicious flies that are all over the lake? They are brutal. constant biting and a real downer. Three different repellants didn't work.