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  1. Do you still have the wieghts? And if you do what weight are they?
  2. I know this boat well It is well worth the money.
  3. Contact Bag lady charters. Mrs. Rutty made mine. 570-439-1009
  4. I will be at the oak this weekend. If we have a blow off I will give you a call. Thanks.
  5. Hey guys . Fished fri. Pm sat.am. 5 for 6 4 kings 1steelhead Same program as spoondraggin Back up to start summer derby Good luck
  6. Great news. Have to work two more weeks. Salmon should be good by then. Thanks for the report.
  7. Fished the entire loc. Lake trout Excellent. Salmon. Got better every day. Five on sat. 19 lb. Ave. Good luck. Go west.
  8. Good luck at loc derby We are back for the whole derby Been 25 years.
  9. Hey Guess what. Marina counted wrong. Prop is on it's way. Thanks so much for the help. Good luck on the .lake. Hillybilly
  10. Sorry to say it is 18 spline. Thanks for trying.
  11. Tr out drive 16 inch. 15 pitch right hand rotation Hub is 5 1/4 inch Must be one somewhere Thanks for the help
  12. Trying to find prop for penn yan 265 pro hunter 350 Chevy. Bravo out drive Marina having trouble finding prop. Thanks
  13. Welcome ken see you soon at campground hillbilly xpress
  14. I agree with Yankee . I have seen way to many trout killed just. For eggs.
  15. The boat is still in storage did the best to get pictures can put more up if needed.
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