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  2. I would take $475.00 plus shipping. paypal works..
  3. Thanks...this drive unit wasn’t really used...he had the hydraulic set up...I will sell..
  4. Used one season! all hardware! Rudder. Accept PayPal/plus shipping! $450.00 Thanks.
  5. Trying to put together an autopilot..( smartpilot x5r unit). Only have the drive and the flux compass (steering wheel drive) Need the following: P70 control head (or something compatible?) Autopilot processor ( s1 ?) need some help don’t know a lot about all this... learning! Selling my old unit if anybody is interested: RAYMARINE SMARTPILOT PLUS AUTOPILOT COMPLETE. THIS PICTURE IS WHAT I HAVE!!!
  6. Damon

    Looking for Fish Hawk x4

    Thanks..I did check w/northwoods last week..will be in stock this month..thanks for the input..
  7. Damon

    Looking for Fish Hawk x4

    Take $450? Dealing with a limited funds text 216-235-5803 where are you located?
  8. Damon

    Looking for Fish Hawk x4

    What is your bottom price brand new in box never used? I don’t wanna have any problems I know there are some units out there that were defective probes
  9. Damon

    Looking for Fish Hawk x4

    good luck..i’m Looking for one as well..
  10. 2-downriggers 2- mounts/swivel plates 2-8lb lead balls. $300.00..
  11. Great shape. includes 3-probes. tranducer. $350.00 plus shipping.
  12. Damon

    Wanted Fish hawk

    Yes it was...interested in the fish hawk...would you consider $450?/...thanks