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  1. Tutorial coming?? LOL....Please?
  2. Yellow River & Home By The Sea........
  3. Sk8man is correct - all cartridges are not created equal. Certain guns shoot certain cartridges better. Sure it takes extra time & money to figure it out, but once you find it's favorite load, you'll be at that weapon's peak performance curve.
  4. Looks like a crotch shot. Poor bastard.
  5. Don't look now - they may be making a resurgence........
  6. My daughter & son-in-law moved to New Hampshire to escape this lunacy. Three more years & I'm outta here also.
  7. What area of the Genny do you fish??
  8. Just noticed that it appears to be the cursor arrow, lol
  9. Looks like a bullet wound in his right hindquarter??
  10. Your gonna look like a snowman in about an hour.....
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