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Outdoor Lover

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  1. Outdoor Lover

    calling all dogs

    It ain't easy being a New Yorker. Four more years!!!
  2. Outdoor Lover

    Turkey 2018

    Nice bird. Congrats!!
  3. Outdoor Lover

    Turkey 2018

    Nice! Gun or Bow??
  4. Outdoor Lover

    Turkey 2018

    Yeah, that's ok. I'm proficient with an arrow. Is it posted??
  5. Outdoor Lover

    Turkey 2018

    Where do you work?? LOL.....
  6. Outdoor Lover

    JJC custom insulated blinds

    Shouldn't you have off-set the windows to help conceal movement & shadows?? Just my 2 cents.......
  7. Outdoor Lover

    New bird dog puppy

  8. Outdoor Lover

    calling all dogs

    Hey! Everybody's gotta eat, lol......
  9. Outdoor Lover

    calling all dogs

    What if you move out of state @ that time??
  10. Outdoor Lover

    calling all dogs

    Check this bad boy out! This was taken late summer down where I work on Edgemere Dr. near Round Pond. He's 45 lbs. all day..........
  11. Outdoor Lover

    calling all dogs

    Looking for a partner? I'm in..........