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  1. Raw eel is popular in Japan.....
  2. Winchester #6 copper shot out of a Remmy 1100 skeetmaster with full choke.
  3. The DEC was stocking trout yesterday afternoon on our property across the street from where I work on Edgemere. Normally we get an advanced notification, but not this time.....
  4. Isn't this how "Planet Of The Apes" started???
  5. Did anyone else notice what was going on in the world before the outbreak? Protests. In many countries. The people have had enough. NOW, guess what. No one's protesting anymore. Coincidence?
  6. Thank God I only work with one other person on a daily basis.
  7. Tutorial coming?? LOL....Please?
  8. Yellow River & Home By The Sea........
  9. Sk8man is correct - all cartridges are not created equal. Certain guns shoot certain cartridges better. Sure it takes extra time & money to figure it out, but once you find it's favorite load, you'll be at that weapon's peak performance curve.
  10. Looks like a crotch shot. Poor bastard.
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