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  1. True, but no verification at this time it can be passed on by handling or eating the meat.......
  2. They don't get much bigger in these parts........
  3. True, but when you fact check almost anything on Fox news, it's pretty much true......
  4. Won by 80 million votes. Yeah, right.......
  5. The I-Bay boat launch has been like that all season.......
  6. Give the firing pin in Bergen a call. They've been getting a few shipments in lately.
  7. Gun in September?? Seems they're they're trying to ruin hunting now. Not much left to screw up @ this point......
  8. You would be correct - King's Landing. They will be dredging until the end of the year.
  9. The current temperature @ my water plant on edgemere dr. is 59.7 deg
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