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  1. Plenty of local birds nest right here!!
  2. That's crazy considering the season should be open all year round.........
  3. Now that most of your tags are filled, can I hunt one of your leases??
  4. So the dog found a different deer?? If so, it's scent might have tripped him up. I'd do a 100 yd. radius sweep around the seven pointer as soon as you can. If there's any kind of water nearby, I'd hone in on that also. Don't give up yet!!
  5. Yeah, had a female back in the late 90's. Excellent upland hunter - water, not so much......
  6. They don't come too much bigger in these parts!!
  7. Whatever your thinking of doing, do the opposite! Lol....
  8. The prices I've seen are all over the place. Most available leases are up north, or bordering the Catskills, which are too far for me to consider.......
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