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  1. Still have a couple available. I have one that’s discounted down to $150. The drain channel in the back has a slight blemish and the sides of the board are 1/2” material instead of 3/4”.
  2. It is my worst fear as a boat owner. I hate seeing this happen to anyone.
  3. Too many guys let a bellows job go. It's a good way to lose everything.
  4. It’s still there as of 12:30 today and not a soul around.
  5. Put 2 part epoxy in the back of the treble and never worry about it again.
  6. I run Atommik. I have for years and no reason to switch!
  7. I know a guy with a commercial cutter and a variety of WTP tape.......
  8. Stick with WTP products and you will have better luck. A lot of the off brand tapes look great but do not stick good at all.
  9. I have a like new 1 year old 75 gallon fish tank. It comes with the glass top. $75 for the tank and lid. Pick up in Hilton NY.
  10. Monroe County Monroe County Offshore Classic recap: Friday we left the dock to fish the species challenge with brown trout as our first target. We set down East of Sandy in 50’. We had a screen loaded with bait but not any marks. We continued in until we hit our first brown in 22’ on a two color core dragging a Froggy glow Stinger Stingray. We pulled the rods and headed to the area I fished Tuesday. We set down in 150’ on a North troll. Once we hit 180’ the rods started popping. We trolled out to 300 with constant action. We boxed a decent 18.6 lb king and upgraded our brown in 275 down 90. We switched gears and put everything higher and targeted steelhead. In a short time we boated a bunch of steelhead completing 3 out of 4 species for our box. With hours left, we trolled into laker waters and started farming. We caught tons of lakers but couldn’t find a good class of fish anywhere. We settled with a 13lb laker as our 4th species. Going to weigh in, I didn’t think we would have placed as high as we did. We ended up second behind first place by .4lbs.! Saturday: We left the creek planning on fishing the 180-275 water we fished Friday on a North South troll. With a sloppy chop from the East made this fun! We caught a bunch of kings but also lost a bunch. We got a tip from a buddy that the kings were stacked in 105-125. We slid in to those waters just as the wind went South at 30mph! With the side slip, we went down to 2 riggers and 2 divers. We crushed the kings a nice coho and a 9lb steelhead again but couldn’t find that kicker big king. At weigh in, we came in at 13th place just out of the money. We did end up getting big steelhead prize by default! I would like to thank Tim Skrip, Brandon White and Mike Dahl for putting on this event! I would also like to thank my crew on Friday and Saturday! Fishing with you guys is always a great time even when we don’t place in the money! Here’s what worked for us: Stinger Stingrays in Froggy Glow, NBK and Carbon 14 UV Atommik meat rigs in Shenster and UV Grinch Rigged Cutbait Deep Rig Tackle king strips in Lances 2 Face and Mongolian Beef
  11. I have had more foul hooked fish this season that ever. It’s not fun trying to get them to the net when they are hooked in the side!
  12. Friday we fished 180-275 off Sandy and it was a blood bath. 80-120 down with meat, and spoons. A north troll was beat by far. We did take steelhead in the same water 60’ and above.
  13. Sold pending payment.
  14. Weighted steel and floro are gone pending payments.
  15. I have some odd and end stuff I’m offloading. Here there are below: torpedo weighted steel 200’ - $25.00 torpedo 4oz shark weight -$15.00 2 spools of Yozuri 40lb floro $10.00 I will ship to the lower 48 at buyers expense.
  16. I have four slightly used walleye boards. Two left side and two right side. One season old and like new condition. $80.00 plus $10 shipping to the lower 48 or pick up in Hilton NY for $80.
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