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  1. Check with company. If you do not mention the component companies name, you may end up with a lawsuit against you. Yakima requires me to put Made with Wardens Original Spin N glo and the trademark emblem on all my packaging. If not, I could face a lawsuit. Some of my competitors only have Yakima on their packaging and according to Yakima, that is not correct and could be pursued. Do I think the would pursue a little guy? Probably not. Good luck with your venture. The tackle industry is a tough one to make enough money in to survive. If you make a quality product, have great customer service and have tackle in stock al the time, you will do just fine!
  2. I purchased a new rifle and swapped out the scope that came with the rifle. It’s a Weaver 3x9x40 scope. I also have a set of scope rings to go with it. $30.00 takes it. I do not want to ship it. I am located in Hilton NY.
  3. Soak them in acetone. Scrub the remaining paint off with a scotchbrite pad.
  4. Sandy Creek to Braddocks year round holds big numbers of lakers and the majority of the 30+ lb lake trout that came out of Lake Ontario the past decade have come from that area. I caught a 34.06 in 2012. I know of four other 30+lb fish that have been taken from that area in the past couple of years. Wautoma Shoals is a great spot. Tons of structure and holds big numbers of lakers year round.
  5. Stud for sure. I have a thing for buck with drop tines!
  6. The Niagara bar holds lakers at this time of the year. Other than that, well East of Oak Orchard is way better. From Devils Nose East is best. The Olcott and Oak Orchard areas do not hold numbers of lakers after the spring migration.
  7. The fishing has had its ups and downs but I wouldn't ever say is has deteriorated. The fishing the past 10 years has been some of the best I have seen in 37 years of fishing Lake Ontario. Record catch rates the past couple seasons. This summer wasn't the greatest but I have seen way worse.
  8. Ouch.... I know my good buddies on Sandy will come and rescue me!
  9. I like sending the traffic other places. Its nice when you are the only boat out on weekdays out of Sandy!
  10. A lot has to do with the port. Olcott, Wilson, Oak Orchard, Oswego and the Salmon River have huge numbers of boats fishing during the fall derby. More entrants, the more chances you have of finding a big fish out of that port.
  11. They had some 6.8 western ammo at Runnings in Brockport when I was there Friday for anyone that is looking for it.
  12. Fish them like you fished them in spring. Tributaries mouths are good places to start. Some browns do not run tributaries and stay in the lake too. Right now the water is still too warm and the browns are still where the thermal cline intersects the bottom. Once the lake surface temp gets into the low to mid 60's they will be in around the shoreline in good numbers.
  13. The LOC has made changes time and time again and turned a lot of people off. Taking the steelhead out of the summer derby was a huge mistake. I know a lot of guys that no longer buy a derby pass due to this poor decision.
  14. Not sure yet. 27 tiara open or a Baha 277 GLE are my two favorites. Once the Fall LOC starts, the lake trout gear comes home. NO sense beating them up when the derby doesn't have a division anymore.
  15. Took my son, Keith and His son out for one last shot at placing an LOC fish. We started the morning in 90' looking for kings and had a blast with them until 9am. we took a bunch of matures and two decent browns. 50-65 down on spoons and meat. Not a sniff on flies. The boys started getting bored when the king bite slowed around 9 so we slid in looking for an LOC brown. 12 browns hit the floor in the 2 hours we had left. Biggest brown was a little over 10lbs. Lots of small browns around. I know guys were worried about the lack of small browns this spring but I have caught more small browns this summer than I ever have. 1-5lb browns are plentiful. I would say the 6-9lb class seems to be a little thin. One more trip and the season will be done for us. The Escape is going up for sale and I'm taking a possible buyer out on that last trip.
  16. Take them out carefully. I have seen guys shaking them with pliers until they fall off. Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United
  17. This photo is more than likely the result of mishandling of a skippy king a couple years ago. This fish was long and lean. Please handle those little guys with care! Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United
  18. The line for licenses at Runnings was 25 guys deep today.........
  19. I have 300 yds of 30lb Power pro, 7 colors of stealth core and room to spare on my Saltist 40.
  20. It started to and then the wind switched NW. Our Intake temp was 78 yesterday at 3pm. It was 61 when I left at 11pm. Its 59 right now and climbing.
  21. I'm not a fan of the September gun season at all. It will educate some deer and Does will 100% still be with fawns. I'm all for the late holiday hunt and the 1/2 hour before sunrise to 1/2 hour after sunset.
  22. Go offshore and have a blast with steelhead. September can be some of the best steelhead fishing of the year.
  23. I have both my 7 colors on 40's with a full spool of backing. I have my 10's on 50's, 7's and 5's on 40's.
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