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  1. Light primer strike. That sucks! Either not chambered correctly or firing pin isn't working freely.
  2. It's some of his homemade pasta sauce. Congrats Dan!
  3. I will take the wire. Do you have paypal?
  4. Congrats Rob! You and Hunter are having awesome seasons this year!
  5. I tried to get him to come a little closer to get a shot! The first buck wanted nothing to do with me. He could have cared less at the calls.
  6. Shot a doe yesterday and had something crazy happen. I watched her fall 50-60 yds from the stand. After a while, a nice buck came over and preceded to beat the sh*t out of her! He gored her in the neck and kept kicking here ripping the fur off of her side. After he left, small bucks came over and wouldn’t leave her alone. I guess this is what happens when a doe doesn’t put out!
  7. I run stealth core from FISHUSA. I ran suffix for a couple weeks and threw it out after having issues with the sheath fraying and breaking.
  8. Aren't you supposed to site in the day before gun season?
  9. The lake has only fluctuated 3' all season. Water Level Data (army.mil)
  10. The Lake Managers do not do anything about some issues unless there is A LOT of noise made over it. They are a state agency and we all know how hard it is to get anything done in this state. For example: Coromorants are a HUGE issue that everyone that fishes the lake has an issue with. The DEC is well aware of the issue yet there still isn't a season. Canada has opened a season on cormorants. Sitting back and watching worked well in Lake Huron for the salmon fishery.... I would rather not watch the fishery I have enjoyed my entire life fade away because we sat back and waited to see what happened.
  11. Those numbers are a little off. 16lbs for a laker out of Lake Ontario is a very low. The day my son caught his 21.06 this summer, we caught 8 lakers over 16lbs. A 16lb laker wouldn't make the LOC board in Spring or Summer by a long shot!
  12. Here is what I consider a trophy on Lake Ontario and have used this for getting fish mounted. Steelhead - 18lbs Browns - 15lbs Lakers - 25lbs Kings - 30lbs (used to be 35 for me but 30 is out of the norm now) Coho -15lbs Atlantic - 15lbs
  13. Increased competition for a dwindling bait population caused the size reduction in Michigan. Guys were going an entire season without catching a king over 20lbs! They cut stocking 50% in one year and over the next couple of years, the size rebounded along with the bait population.
  14. Lake Michigan cut stocks 50% and saw a drastic rebound in size. We made big cuts and size didn't rebound. Any idea why Brian?
  15. Well, scratch that thought. The alewife weight according to this chart shows the weight has been stable or heavier. Microsoft Word - 2019_preliminary_status_of_Lake_Ontario_Alewife.docx (glfc.org)
  16. Are the alewife as healthy as they were in the early 2000's? There is data on it somewhere. I have seen it at the meetings in the past but I can't remember what it said. If the alewife are not as healthy, a king would have to eat more of them to get the calorie intake to gain weight. Hunting alewife longer will burn more calories than it would if they got more calories out of fewer alewife. Just a thought and I will look to see if I can find the data. Maybe Shreksoff can chime in. He is the bait guru on the lake.
  17. Lake Ontario is the best salmon fishery on the East Coast. Why not make it better? The money generated by this fishery should only push lake managers to push for more for this fishery. Unfortunately, NY state puts minimal effort into anything fishing / hunting related. If the size is declining, why should we sit and wait until they don't reach 20lbs?
  18. If the Salmon are managed for the lake fishery, shouldn’t they be managed better in the tribs? We manage the lake better for steelhead for the tribs.
  19. A while back the DEC didn’t have enough fish return to the hatchery. They were going to other tribs and taking fish from guys that were catching them.
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