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  1. . The DEC has been made aware of our displeasure with the amount of cormorants and how many stocked fish they kill. Every state of the lake meeting it was mentioned. A couple years back, Capt. Vince said we need to take better care of what fish we stock at the meeting. It seems to still fall on deaf ears. Canada has started a cormorant hunting season. We need to get on board. I would by a duck stamp again and start hunting them.
  2. The water has been clear. Not the good colored water that we usually have.
  3. Good thinking Rick. Didn't the DEC give us fish from a different hatchery due to zebra muscle infestation in the hatchery last year? I cant remember exactly what went on but the fish had to go to waters that already had zebra muscles I believe. Did those strains not do well in Lake O and not survive? Rome Fish Hatchery Contaminated With Zebra Mussels - - The Adirondack Almanack
  4. Thanks Dave. I will give them a call. I found 2 on ebay but the bids are getting out of control! I could buy him a new gun for what they are up to!
  5. I hunted with that 20 with the smooth bore for years and killed a lot of deer with it. My buddy has the same gun with the rifled barrel and it is way more accurate. I have a 12 but I want to start him out with the 20, then a rifle and a muzzleloader.
  6. I have them rigged with a skirt right now. I may have some unrigged available if yakima ever gets me my order.
  7. I am searching for a Remington 870 20 gauge fully rifled slug barrel for my kid. My 20 has a slug barrel but it is smooth bore.
  8. Atlantic. The messed up fins are a dead give away. Every one we caught in the Salmon River years ago had messed up fins.
  9. I thought I heard it was left up to each individual county?
  10. Hopefully with the stocking effort, they can turn this around. The fisheries of many species have drastically changed in the last 20 years on Lake Ontario. Hopefully this trend changes.
  11. Almost impossible to get a true boat limit on Lake O. Try getting an Atlantic for everyone in the boat in one trip!
  12. With the low water, this post should be pinned to the top of this board!
  13. That rig on the right is an expensive one. Those Whirly Gigs are cost an arm and a leg!
  14. I have found they scatter in the deeper water and hunt gobies. I have picked a couple up at this time of the year on Cowbells and Gambler Rigs lake trout fishing in 75-120'.
  15. Word on the street is they are eyeing Sandy Creek in Hamlin as another spot. If so, I think its a poor choice. Irondequoit Creek is a trib that holds trout year round. Why wouldn't you put them into a trib that could possibly support natural reproduction? Irondequiot Creek is cold enough to support trout year round in the upper stretches. Sandy is way too warm before June hits. Most years of the salmon / steelhead pen rearing projects, we couldn't hold fish the entire time due to water temp issues.
  16. Listen to this man! Save your pennies and buy the best. There is nothing worse than buying cheap stuff and then trying to explain to the wife why you are buying them again after a king destroyed your bargain reels.
  17. Herring is the best one I have found. All I do is dip the hook into the smelly jelly every time it goes down.
  18. There is a camera at Wautoma Beach right on this site. Go to the main page under the maps tab and scroll down!
  19. I can get bags if you want. They are slow to get here but you have a way! I am also selling plain spin n glos on my website. I have a couple colors right now but will be adding more in the future.
  20. It gets way too expensive when laker fishing! I have tried it and burned up a dozen strips in an hour. Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  21. Herring scented Smelly Jelly. It has helped us for years!
  22. The Salmon River is ripping as of yesterday also. She is going to start filling up!
  23. Braddocks will not be a viable port until the Break wall has Jetties added to it. On the lake side of the break wall, there is acres of sand just waiting to get dumped into the channel. They can dredge it out all they want and it will continue to fill in when the lake is rough. East and Northeast winds will fill it in quickly.
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