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  1. I run a sure flow. It has been on the boat since 2005 with zero issues.
  2. I am a shift work Distribution Operator in the water treatment plant. We rotate a different shift every week. Nights suck!
  3. Here are my popular Cayuga colors in my product lines: Gambler Rigs - most guys use regulars or singles Lemon Lime Alien Pink Dot Green Monster Bull Frog Death Traps - I sell a lot of both regular and magnum sized traps to Cayuga guys. Yellow Dew Crushed Ice UV Antifreeze I have 2 new colored Death traps for 2021 in Carbon 14 and Seneca Special. My new Gambler Rig color for 2021 is Glow UV 2 face. It comes in Regular, Magnum and single. I am waiting for a shipment of Spin n glos to come in for the Glow UV 2 Face Gambler Rigs in Magnum (3 left) and singles (currently out of stock. Regulars I have over 100 in inventory. Here are the new products.
  4. Gambler Rigs will be emailing you about sending some product to give away!
  5. You are really showing your age with this post Jimski2!
  6. It will rise. Be patient. We will not see huge flooding but she will get to normal easily. The higher Erie is, the inflow of water into Lake O is higher. They now have plenty of room to hold back water if we get any flooding spring rains and they are in jeopardy of flooding out Montreal.
  7. The upper lakes are still way above average. They will fill her back up. Don't worry!
  8. Not even close. 3oz. of lead does not go more than 30' at salmon speeds. Put a paddle and fly behind it and you will be lucky to see 15'.
  9. Side planers are useless when fish are down over 100' in August.......
  10. I will stick with my coppers. They flat out produce! As for a rookie, I would buy 2 coppers to start. 300' and 500'. These two have been my most productive coppers for years. Another positive of copper over steel is scrap price. When copper is replaced, you can get money back for it.
  11. With the run off the last couple days, the channels should blow open and the fish should be coming. Now the issue in some of the ponds will be muddy water. Just in time for the ice to go away.
  12. it will be shrinking this week! Bring on spring!
  13. If tigers were not sterile and not stocked, I would agree. They are put in the lake for population control of the lower parts of the food chain and for recreational fishing purposes. That being said, I do agree with bumping up the size limit to make it more of a trophy fishery.
  14. Like Rob, I love my cutco knives.
  15. Meat rigs: Atommik Shenster Minion Key Lime Spoons Glow UV two face Tuxedo Flies Stud glow Green crinkle Gambler Rigs Alien Silver glow Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  16. Stoppage did happen at Sandy, Sodus and Fairhaven. I believe that’s what he is talking about. Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  17. I run regular divers over slide divers. The slide diver set up, you had to splice in heavy mono or fiber for the slide diver. It is just another connection that can fail.
  18. Nope. Canandaigua has houses on it.
  19. You were in their spot. I have heard that excuse many many times.
  20. I have an 150qt Igloo cooler posted above for camping, and 2 Coleman marine 150qt coolers for camping/fishing. I can tell you the Igloo does not keep ice half as long as the coleman. They may be cheap but the coleman isn't much more and keep ice way better.
  21. Thats not a fun way to cover water on the ice!
  22. Sorry to hear Rob. Its a PITA when it happens.
  23. Does your throttle have a kill switch? Mine does and if the clip is pulled out, it flips the switch so the boat will not start.
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