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  1. The levels usually peak in mid June. Last year was an oddity due to higher outflows and the starting of the dry summer. Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  2. Animal rights activists sucks! That is the reason we have a closed season!
  3. Niagara Iceboom Camera Screens (nypa.gov) Not out at all. Check the camera.
  4. The worst wind is East or North East. West and south are best.
  5. Ice boom removal started this afternoon! Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  6. To add to what Rob said, it is also depends on water temp. Warm springs can cut it shorter.
  7. I heard through the grape vine that boom removal will start this Thursday!
  8. I just bend the points closed (down to the main hook shaft). Sometimes certain sticks will not run right if you take the treble off.
  9. Depending on how deep I am fishing, it varies. If the browns are coming in tight and really high, I run a 1/4 ounce split shot 6' from the stick bait. If I'm running 20-30 and the browns are coming down a little bit, I run 1 ounce 50' back, clip on the weight and put it out another 50' - 75'.
  10. NE winds the next couple days might push it back West and melt it off before the boom comes out.
  11. I use a Cannon Retro ease. You can lock the line into the clip and hold it in place until you have the release clipped.
  12. Yes. Some perch and bullhead were being caught this weekend on Long Pond. Cranberry was still dead according to the guys I talked with. It should pick up any day now.
  13. The fishery is constantly changing. Those that change with it excel. Those that don't change with it, struggle. In my 37 seasons on Lake O, I have enjoyed the challenges of the fishery changing. Learning new tactics and perfecting them is a challenge but can be extremely rewarding. Never be afraid to try something different. You may stumble onto the next big thing!
  14. The my were brought back for a short time and they were called Rosco shiners. They work awesome for spring browns and spring kings. I still have a bunch of the non jointed versions. Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  15. They work but not as well as regular bells. A lot of Champlain guys run them for landlocks.
  16. They are awesome for Lake O browns when the bite slows down! Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  17. You can see how bad it is in this photo. Another thing I noticed this winter that I have not seen in a long time was an ice wall all the way across the bay. The channel even had a high wall of ice that formed across. Sounds silted in to me! Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  18. Braddocks is a complete mess. The point is 60 yds longer than it used to be. The sand pushed between the point and the wall filling in the bay along the point. It
  19. Drove by today and here is what I found: Cranberry - 20% open Long Pond - 25% open but a lot along edgemere Drive and a lot of guys fishing Buck - 50% open
  20. The iceboom camera shows the condition of what is left. It looks thin and ready for the boom to be pulled!
  21. Double Spin N glos with skirts are better. More action with double spin n glos and the skirt. Add smelly jelly and lakers commit suicide!
  22. Last season I had a lot more luck running 8" flashers over bigger stuff. For example, the morning of the Sandy Creek Shootout, we ran 6 cutbait rigs and the fish quickly showed they were in the mood for smaller paddles and the big paddles never got deployed for the rest of the day. I run a lot of echips, kingfisher and Dream Weaver paddles in 8", 10" and 13". Somedays one is better than others. I put a variety of stuff out and let the fish tell me what they want.
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