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  1. nice catch,do you uses ingle hooks instead of treble?
  3. they revived the forecast guess tomorrow will be my only chance,strong winds and rain till sunday
  4. I Guess later this week weather looks good for a trip, I have a 19 ft fully equipped with a strong kickerfor insurance 6 rod spread last spring the kings like orange and black nk28 dipseys twoface prochip was the best all year with mirage fly this also worked well on my 300 copper rods I had the boat out duck hunting ran it 15 miles one day out of sodus
  5. With all this great winter weather thoughts of going after some fresh salmon often come. I wonder if anyone has been offshore lately and had any success.Im thinking of tomorrow or there is pretty good perch fishing in sodus now in deep water.
  6. I fish solo often like you have difficulty getting a crew together at short notice. I have found if you get one close enough i usually grab the diver and net the fish I haven't had a break off yet as wire is tough to break if the fish has been played right Salmon are usually kept till limit then I go in if alone. I've also have 2 old eagle claw diver 10ft rods,got to over 30 yrs old still good only thing I put twilio tips on.I still can't get over how a rod can bend like they still hold up,probably well over a hundred fish each,USA made is why,lol
  7. I've hunted the sodus area since the mid 70s.The past few years goldeye populations have plummeted from previous years. The only thing might be is contamination from zebra mussel .One day we drove east about 7 miles and found few ducks,little sightings ogg pultneyville also.Lots of geese but few if any ducks.Sodus had good shooting as the bay was froze out to the point.Today most of the bay is open with some south of grassy and third creek.Perch fishing was good in deep water.
  8. A few ideas.How about finally bringing a trout and salmon stamp to help pay for improvements. Reuce lake trout stocking and replace with robust Atlantic stocking and habitat program. Many brown trout are dumped in our harbor every spring.Is there a better way to help reduce predators who take many of the fish Establish best practices how to release fish for maximum survival.Iread a article best way is slowly lower fish back down where caught using heavy weights Finally ad a rod to make it a four rods per person,.LOL
  9. last week there was a report of 4 hunters in the water off the breakwall.The boat was a small 14 ft and was swamped by a wave. The hunters were rescued by other hunters. Another point was while we launched our boat our truck was hit by shot fired from the breakwall. Safety always should be a top concern,
  10. Hi. I have about 10 dozen bluebill and redhead decoys. Two dozen g&h standard redheads,two dozen herters mag blebills,,two dozen final approach redheads about three dozen homemade decoy unlimited mag bluebills and cans,one dozen flambeau redheads ,1 doz.carry lite redheads Most of deeks are on long lines and canned for easy setup. Im asking $600.0 for the whole flock,lol Its a great decoy spread ,a must for late birds
  11. We use to hunt them around clyde when they moved up from seneca.It took to many decoys then we had,another group had over a thousand with slow action.My son went out to SD awhile ago.They hunted over two thousand deks and had good shooting.Ninety birds ober five days.To do it agin id go with a good guide. There were reports I heard of snow geese on seneca at the north end.
  12. Here is the latest from Washington.Seems the shippers are calling the shots to the detriment of landowners. https://www.schumer.senate.gov/newsroom/press-releases/with-lake-ontario-levels-1-foot-over-seasonal-average-schumer-urges-st-lawrence-seaway-to-deter-threat-of-a-3rd-year-of-historic-flooding-including-raising-moses-saunders-dam-outflows-
  13. john1947


    Lots of fishermen taking advantage of the nice day on sodus.Action has picked up in the last week.I fished the afternoon and did ok ,few throwback for me.Winter is returning tomorrow so no fishing tomorrow with the high wins forecast bait is avalable at Bay bridge . happy thanksgiving john
  14. i had some good action this afternoon trolling for browns.They seem to like spring favorites black and orange silver nk and wonderbread.5 ft down over 15 water temp was 52 degrees.Tomorrow looks decent also.no rain and light winds.
  15. I have seen people catch many steelhead and dump them back into the creek without helping the fish recover.What kind of regulation might correct this practice.maybe it would be better to keep what we catch regardless size and stop at limit
  16. I've used a sitex brand .It is a electric drive unit that attaches to the steering cable.So far it has worked well over 7 seasons.I don't have a trolling motor on my boat.
  17. john1947

    Ibay 9/29

    i hear sodus is producing
  18. Saw this on a you tube up in Alaska.I went there back in 2000 never got a bite.I did see some caught maybe not the peak of the run. July on the Kenea,Wonder if we could raise a few like this one..lol
  19. Brown action has been good in and outside of harbor.I've switch back to jig and bobber for a better bite.Chartreuse has been best.If interested you can get a yearly permit for fishing the harbor through pultneyville mariners for about 100 a year
  20. went out late lake has flipped again 42 offshore did have some action in harbor casting cleos on browns would be productive trolling with planers close to shore
  21. your lucky you got a steelie.Up here when the wind blows east or ne as hard it did today few fish are caught.I did see some nice fish last week in 40 ft but everything has changed since.I did great in the harbor tossing a glow green cleo friday but skunk today Sunday is supposed to be windy offshore so beware of deep water.I would concentrate around the piers at sodus as its a good spot for late kings and browns.The green cleo also took a nice 25 lb off my dock last week,saw another king taken in the harbor yesterday Good luck
  22. Went out before the storm Cold water 30 down over 50 Lots of fish and bait Had a nice one on j plug Thursday looks good
  23. The fish on the first cast Came out of the water twenty yards What a pic Then it was one good fight till the hen wore out If the water was colder it's very hard to hold the fish. Many times they head for the lake The flesh was good Smoked for sure I'm only fishing for a few three catch and release till water cools for better survival
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