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  1. About a year ago, dry rot under the carpet in one corner so replaced with marine plywood.
  2. Ready to fish, 2 Lowrance Graphs, Trolling Motor with 2 dedicated batteries, On-board charger, 4 speaker stereo, 2 Cannon Mag 10 Down-riggers, 4 rod holders, Panther hydraulic kicker lift, Heritage dual axel trailer with spare tire, garaged and never trailered in the wintertime. Powerhead has 900 hours with 80% of those hours 2,000 RPM or less (was the water taxi motor at Niagara Yacht Club). $18,000 or best offer.
  3. Tried the 100 to 200 FOW zone from first light. Never marked a fish. One ambitious Laker came up to hit a spin doctor over 140 FOW 110 down on the rigger. A few other boats out, I did not see anyone else netting fish. Beautiful morning!
  4. Thanks for the report, they are all helpful. Was out Friday out of Braddock and was 1 for 2. Little rough for my taste. The King was right on the bottom in 103FOW with the rigger set at 100 on a white flasher meat rig. The other one we did not land was on a wire rod at 300ft with a purple flasher fly at 120FOW. My son went out Saturday for a bit with no luck and talked to a charter captain near the Genny launch who said you had to look way offshore still for fish.
  5. Set up in 120 FOW around 7AM. Fished out to about 300 FOW. Very little marks with the exception of around 220 FOW, with small fish. Running meat on white flasher, spoons and lead core line off a planer board. Dipsy at 200. Washing tackle this morning. Yanked rods around 10AM. Found some big pods of bait as we were pulling rods around 90 FOW with fish below. Talked to some other fisherman at the launch and they said they were doing browns there off the bottom. One other fisherman at the ramp did a small king in 250 FOW on a dipsey set at 240 feet. Another fisherman said the salmon were out there at 400 to 600 FOW. Will be trying again on the 21st, hopefully the fish will be starting to move into that 100 FOW and setting up by then. Tight lines!
  6. Nice job! Thanks for the report. Might try Friday.
  7. Beautiful morning washing lures. Started in around 350 foot of water (I was looking at my speed and wondering way we were not leaving 54 FOW, not realizing my depth finder was not registering. Cannot make this stuff up!). Worked the water back into 80 FOW with a focus around 220 FOW where there was a nice scum line and temperature break. Did not mark a single fish all morning. Had a couple of knock off's from the 33 foot down rigger.
  8. 3 for 5 with 2 Lakers and a nice king. King was out in 215 FOW 53 feet down on a black and white spin doctor and purple fly. Fish a blank screen the whole time.
  9. Just West of the Bay mostly targeting Kings. Slow morning for us with 2 kings, first 100 FOW 17 Foot down on a ladder back spoon. Second in 40 FOW off a chartreuse deep diver off the boards. Fish were in great shape. Fishing a blank screen with and only marked one fish around 35 FOW and 25 Foot down.
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