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  1. Beautiful morning washing lures. Started in around 350 foot of water (I was looking at my speed and wondering way we were not leaving 54 FOW, not realizing my depth finder was not registering. Cannot make this stuff up!). Worked the water back into 80 FOW with a focus around 220 FOW where there was a nice scum line and temperature break. Did not mark a single fish all morning. Had a couple of knock off's from the 33 foot down rigger.
  2. 3 for 5 with 2 Lakers and a nice king. King was out in 215 FOW 53 feet down on a black and white spin doctor and purple fly. Fish a blank screen the whole time.
  3. Just West of the Bay mostly targeting Kings. Slow morning for us with 2 kings, first 100 FOW 17 Foot down on a ladder back spoon. Second in 40 FOW off a chartreuse deep diver off the boards. Fish were in great shape. Fishing a blank screen with and only marked one fish around 35 FOW and 25 Foot down.
  4. Nice ramp and fish cleaning at Fort Niagara. We have been making a trip out of there the last 10 years or so this time of the year. If the wind cooperates, head out of the river to the green can then turn right about 15 degrees and head NE to the red can about 5 miles out where the depth drops off from 50/60 to a 100 and deeper and try along this drop off or with a couple of miles on the deep side. Have had some spectacular fishing there is years past East of the red can on the deep side. Like any fishing, very weather dependent and we have had a very cold spring with a lot of N winds this year. Last year during our trip there were no fish out there, but the previous 3 or 4 years we really hammered them.
  5. No debris, but as expected big mud lines that moved in and out due to all of this rough weather.
  6. Figured I would post, any information is good. Set up out of Braddock's by 7:30AM. Forecast was SE wind, but big rollers from earlier this week. Sea sick in an hour and a half. Huge mud line going West of the bay and where we marked all off the fish in about 15 or 20 FOW. Headed back east outside of the mud line in 20 FOW with no marks. Hopefully the big lake starts to calm down.
  7. Started a little further out hoping for kings in around 25 FOW East of ship builders and did a couple of passes off Webster pier with no luck. Moved in tight heading back West around 10 FOW and started hitting browns and ended up 12 for 15 before getting blown off the lake with a few nice ones mixed in. Larger silver stick baits and small green and black/sliver ladder back NK spoons shallow on the riggers were the best.
  8. Few miles East of IBay 20-30 FOW 13 feet on the rigger 5 for 8 with 3 mature kings and another crack off, 2 nice browns. All of the fish were on this same lure.
  9. That was fun! Solo trip ended up with a beautiful king managed to land on a 10LB test planer board rod. 20 FOW a few miles east of IBay found a pocket of fish. 16 down on the rigger, black and silver small NK ladder back with a gold back was the hot lure.
  10. 9 for 12 on Browns, 3 nice fish were 20 FOW with a smaller ladder back spoon running off rigger set at 16ft off the bluffs east of Hedges and straight out from Webster pier. One crack off that most have been a King, Running 10lb test on the Brown spring rods.
  11. Been having log in problems.......late on a post Kings were in 295 FOW with riggers at 110 and 98 feet in mid afternoon. Spin doctor fly, Green, and mag spoons that had green in them. Also dipsey set out at 280 feet. Found a pocket of fish that were in the same spot due north of Braddock's.
  12. Been having log in problems.......late on a post Kings were in 295 FOW with riggers at 110 and 98 feet in mid afternoon. Spin doctor fly, Green, and mag spoons that had green in them. Also dipsey set out at 280 feet. Found a pocket of fish that were in the same spot due north of Braddock's.
  13. 7 for 13, Kings, 60 FOW, 33 down on the rigger, black and silver ladder back mag NK hot bait
  14. 15 for 25, Kings, spread through the water column, we caught fish from 101ft down to 38ft in 150 to 200 FOW. NK Black/Silver/Green ladder backs. Did one fish on surface stick bait stealth but did not land.
  15. Non stop steel head action on spoons for a couple of hours before being blown off the lake. 170 FOW. Between 60 and 80 feet on riggers. Sent from my HTC6515LVW using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  16. 10/13 70/80 FOW. Spoon bite. White colors. 63 and 43 feet down. Mostly small steel head and kings. One mature. Nice brown in tight 35 FOW to finish. Did not try meat or dipsy. Was running spin doctor fly. Sent from my HTC6515LVW using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  17. Braddocks 8/17 Kings were in shallower, 63 down over 80 FOW with a bubble gum mag spoon the hot bait. Marking a lot of fish and bait pods in 70 FOW Small king and a couple of misses deeper at 120 FOW, white and black spoon and the same magnum bubble gum Nothing on meat nor spin doctors this time Good Luck!
  18. 1 for 4. Landed fish was mature king. Lost fish felt like ones. 140 to 170 FOW 2 on small white flasher dodger pulling meat. Rigger set at 105 and 111. 2 on dipsy 3 setting at 250 ft Marking lots of bait and fish deep. Was dragging a tangle last hour and half and did not know. Probably would have done more fish. Fun trip for only a few hours with my son. Sent from my HTC6515LVW using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  19. Great screen around 150 FOW with bait pods and large arcs between 80 and 60 feet down that disappeared around 9:30AM. Ran riggers (forgot the dipsy diver wire rod)with various spoons and spin doctors, could not get anything to go. A lot of grass in the water where we were marking fish like the lake had just turned over, could not keep the grass off the fishing lines and down rigger cables. Saw a charter catch a small king in the same water, then head way offshore. Tried jigging for Lakers in 100 to 120 FOW but could not find/mark any fish.
  20. Meant to post this earlier....3 for 5 on Kings, all small fish but might have lost a major on the wire rod at 240 feet with a frog pattern spin doctor. All the fish came within an hour when we hit 250 FOW with an East West troll (started in 100 FOW). Hot rigger depth was 76 feet. The fish on the riggers were all on gold/silver ladder backs smaller spoons. Never marked any fish or bait on the depth finder.
  21. 5 for 10 with one major, the rest small kings and steel head. 80 FOW was best about 5 miles West from the harbor. 71 feet on the riggers we cracked off a large king on a natural born killer spin doctor and green fly, another on a black and white ladder back NK. I was having problems with the reel of the hot rod. Steel head was 33 feet down on purple spoon. Major was wire rod dipsy diver at 240 feet out.
  22. Headed due north and set up in 80 FOW and trolled to 180 FOW this morning. Riggers at 43ft and 63ft down with NBK spin doctor on lower rod and dark ladder backs on other rods with roamer releases 10ft above down rigger ball. 5 releases between 120 FOW and 140FOW, the last felt like a major. Ended up with one skipper king. Best action was around the 120 FOW mark heading East. Bait was marked at 105 FOW and most marks were around 120 FOW. Nothing on the dipsy diver rod set at number 3 at 160 ft and green and white spin doctor. Tried other colors including an orange pattern and different sizes, but could not get anything to go. Might have been dragging the small king for a while. Might try off Braddocks in AM.
  23. Just a couple of hours in the morning (son wanted to pike fish the bay) straight off Braddock's. Great screen around 90 FOW between 40 and 80 feet down with both bait and large arcs. 0/2 for small fish 47 feet down NK black and green ladder back and wire rod at 140 number 3 setting dipsy with NBK spin doctor. A lot of fish in that area but we could not get any majors to go, but did not try that long either. Channel into the Braddocks is still shallow, 1.8 feet in one place.
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