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  1. Used handful of times. Sat around all last season. No use for them anymore. $50 each Fairport, NY pick up or meet up can be arranged.
  2. Has there been legitimate conversations on this? Would love to see a discussion on that... There are 4 separate Dams from Watertown to Dexter.... Seems unrealistic but my oh my... what water that would open up
  3. Pretty good. Pushed just about 30 bites in four hours Tuesday Night. Close to that Thursday. Water flipped on us over the weekend but Monday was still good. Bite moved in a little closer but still picked up fish anywhere from 90-230 FOW right out the front door.
  4. Been hit or miss. Lotta bait around and a lot of very full fish. However the steelhead and coho bite’s been decent with a king sprinkled in from day to day. 100-300 FOW. Steelhead and cohos been coming on free sliders on riggers anywhere from 50-90 and copper/cores in just about ever inch of the column with 25-40 feet being our hot depth. Typical greens and orange’s depending on the day. They’re there, just gotta gettem to wack something. Good luck! Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  5. First true productive day since mid April and First real day we've been able to piece together a consistent program that we didn't feel like was a randomized clinical trial. Went 10 for 12 with our last fish coming at 1030 being a nice upper teen king. All in all, 6 cohos, 1 steel, 1 king and another 2 jack's. We skipped over the frustrating inside bite and headed straight for deep water. We took fish on a 71 rigger, 57 rigger, and both riggers took on free sliders. Took 2 shots on a 150' with a FN Stingray, 7 color with Glow Ice Frog, 2 Shots on a 180 Diver with a ITO White Two Face and UV Glow Gator Twinke, and the biggest coho of the year on a 300 Diver with Whitefish Glow Paddle and white Glow Twinks. Felt phenomenal not having to spin cowbells for once to keep our ADHD heads in the game. Unfortunately the Ruby Red's took a seat in today's playing, Miller Lite's stepped up to the plate big time! Was so busy however, the first substitution didn't take place til nearly 10am. Sling em' and Ding em'
  6. First Post, maybe the last... figured I give this thing a shot... join the society....live in the moment... be a millennial... all that... Saw we were going to get a nice NE chop and decided to sling some gear for the last three hours of light. Rounded the fellas up and started in about 40 FOW and ran out to 200. The run out gave us minimal and empty screens, the turn around in was a Christmas light show. Bait, Marks, Bait, Marks...more bait....Ran everything from a 5 color to a 300' and back again. Spun some cowbells early to just get a rod bent. Ended with two cohos and slipped 2 good rips on a 300' back to back. Green Hulk 63 down took one, Chromium 8 inch paddle and a Bloody Death Atomik Fly (new combo for us) took another on a 200'. Our two rips on the 300' carried a Bull Frog/Destroyer Twinkie Combo with fresh meat. It's been a slow pick with a good day here and good day there. The good news.... research says a Ruby Red Kolsch tastes a lot better on a boat than on a couch... Til next time... Sling em' and ding em'
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