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  1. Glad you are safe Jhon. We have had a water issue with our new used boat. It took all summer to find the leek. Found the exhaust and shifter bellow's was cracked along with a deck drain hose was cracked. Now with those fixed no more water in bilge. I agree a second high volume bilge pump is a good idea. Next year I hope to dock the boat now that it is less likely to sink at the dock. Sent from my XT1064 using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  2. Was on the water Saturday and Sunday (9/5 & 9/6). Saturday we had a good bite going in the morning, mag glow spoons and black and silver with a red dot were hot. Fished in 150 FOW on an east west run between Bear Creek and Pultneyville, after 10 AM the bite fell off. We tried putting things further from the ball (30’ – 50’), changing rotator sizes, fly’s and moved in to 75’ – 100’ FOW, no luck. However, I did manage to drop my wallet in the big O. Happy Birthday to me! Sunday we got a later start, on the water (6:30 AM) my nephew never fished for salmon and thought we are nuts for 5 AM wakeup call. We setup as we did on Saturday morning for the morning bite. Had three good hits once my nephew got the rod he would point the rod at the water and real slow, lost all three. Mid-morning I had a rigger fire and grabbed it, ensured the fish was hooked and handed the rod off again with a lot of coaching, he landed his first king. It was small but it was a keeper and my nephew was most happy. This was on a 11†Mountain Dew paddle with a PRO-AM fly with a 36†leader. I was happy for the second hook as the leader to the treble hook broke inside. The rest of the morning, the bait seamed to move in towards the 125’ – 80’ FOW range. We setup our run west past the power plant, with little activity on the screen and no hits. After changing up the presentation and again pushing things back of the boat further, still no action. I decided we would make the turn and head back (east) towards Bear Creek. The wind had died down and the water was nearly flat along with the air temperature was hot. I noticed that our down speed was nearly 3.4 after the turn and before I could slow us down, the 300’ copper was off and running. It was short lived as the braided line broke at the planer board. Dang! After recovering the planer board, we continued east and began to pick up as it was nearing 2 PM. I decided to drop my second 300’ copper in the port side as a longline (300’ copper and 100’ braid out). We took pictures and cleaned the king. As we began picking up the remaining gear on the starboard side the 300’ copper was screaming… with a whole lot of jumping out of the water some 400+’ behind the boat. My nephew landed a nice 10.5 lbs. rainbow. After placing the fish in the box I decided to dropped the copper back out again. After pictures, fish and boat cleaning, the 300’ copper was running again! What, you are kidding me… Nope, we lost it, put the rod away, and went home. The things that I found interesting was, copper was outperforming everything else as the water became calmer. Orange on gold (mag chicken wing) continues to produce fish. In addition, we had a down speed of 3.0 – 3.5 which is what I would have consider way too fast. Finley, my last thought was I had two good hit after cleaning fish. Maybe chumming works, although I do not think it is allowed.
  3. Nice fish John! Congratulations on the win. Sent from my XT1064 using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  4. Nice report John. We got 1 king, an Atlantic and a steal head today on flasher fly's. Once sun came out and wind shifted the bite shutdown. Sent from my XT1064 using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  5. I always check my equipment (bait) to ensure I understand it limits before sending it down for the first time. Example: I set my speed over ground (SOG) to 1.5 MPH to start and then view the equipment’s action off the side of the boat. I then increase the boat (SOG) in 0.5 MPH increments until it fails to perform. Be sure that your knot to swivel is straight or your results will be inaccurate. These findings has helped me to sort out which manufacture spoons and size work best with each other, along with the minimum and maximum down (ball) speed I can run. Given there are to many variables for each of our own setups choices, line type, size, leader, swivel, ext… you get the idea. Additionally I found this information some time ago that I found help full as I was putting my program together. I refer back to it at times when things get slow or I question what I could do to improve. http://www.hotspotlures.com/booklet.pdf Dave
  6. On Saturday we kept to 175' - 150' FOW and found plenty of bait but little marks. We trolled from Bear Creek West, for about 2 miles then turned to head east. My wire dipsy (150') became wrapped in garbage and would not trip when checking lines. Wile working the dipsy in (bang!) the 100' down rigger fired (king on a chicken wing), then as I went to pick up the 110' rigger I got a second fish (small Laker, green and silver flasher fly). Then the 300' copper was running. We landed 2 of the 3 hits. It was crazy fun and my 87 year old father was having a grand time. He could only image the size of the prize wing fish that are entered in the LOC tournament... Video of the fun ( https://youtu.be/Q2pDBlJRXgQ )
  7. Nice job. we got 2 small Lakers and one 15 lbs king. Now working are way back home. Sent from my XT1064 using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  8. Here are a few photos of my 87 year old father who wants to fish every day posible. I have worked to get a boat, outfit it and cath some fish. It is usually just the two of us on the boat. I am working to get the grandkids to join us for some family memories with gramps.. Sent from my GT-P5210 using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  9. Nice job Jacob! I too run out of Bear Creek, we met the day the heavens opened up and poured on us. I have the Rinker, and silver Dodge. I like your setup, quick and easy to run. I am planning for Saturday morning. Sent from my XT1064 using Lake Ontario United mobile app
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