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  1. Good to hear my house was broken into 2 weeks ago only things taken were guns and bows and most of my hunting equipment,so maybe there's still a chance. I'm also dealing with insurance how long did it take to pay your claim? Hunting season is coming and I have no weapons and money to replace them.they keep telling me they're waiting on the police report
  2. We're using 8 lb weights so between that and no down speed it's going to be a challenge next year heavier weights and hopefully fish hawk for now we try to follow the speed of boats near us and hope for the best.
  3. We dont have a down speed set up at this point. Question is is there any way to tell from surface speed approximatley what your down spped is?On Sunday we were running about 3 on the surface thinking we were around 2.5 down 100 ft . Are we way off base with that guess I know currents make a difference along with direction.We had alot of fish come up and look and go back down thinking now we were to fast Thanks
  4. I will do it my name is Alan if you need me you can reach me at 315-439-9759
  5. If anyone needs an observer this weekend call chris at 315-591-7005
  6. If anyone needs a last minute observer call or text Chris at 315-591-7005 I'm reliable and live local.
  7. This the biggest buck we have picks of so far. Thes were taken within 100 yards of where my son and I shot our bucks last year. Gary
  8. Opening day 2012 was a day I won't soon forget. After struggling to see many deer during bow it all turned around quickly. My son and I were doing radio checks on every hour to tell each other what we were seeing. At 10:00 he didn't respond , 10:05 nothing Shortly after he shoots once and I get a excited and barely understandable" I just shot at the biggest buck I've ever seen" He says huge buck , I shot at 200 yards. My 1st thought was he missed until he called and said it's flopping around in the field. He was about 200 yards from me so I walk up as quick as I can and find him standing next to his deer shaking. After a small celebration we field dress him and I go where he was sitting . I had the muzzleloader , he has the rifle. He talked me into taking the rifle which turned out to be a wise choice. At 1:45 I hear deer running and quickly see its a good one. As he was running through the field I yelled to stop him at 100 yards and missed ,good thing I took the rifle. As he ran back where he came from he slowed down at the edge of the woods and I didn't miss the 2nd time. Two nice 8 points from the same tree with the same gun. This day will be tough to top in the memories department .Gary
  9. Two years ago the guy that owns the property I hunt saw 36 bucks between bow and gun. Last year he dropped to 16 and this year is terrible.We did see 2 bucks following does last weekend , but doe numbers are real bad. The dmap tags are part of the reason every farm has them and alot of them. The only thing that different is they put up windmills all around us , we thought maybe that drove the deer away from our property.
  10. I hunt in area 8t canisteo/ howard area and the deer numbers have gone in half the last 2 years. Last weekend between 4 of us we hardly saw anything,1 spike and very few doe. Few scrapes or rubs. The farm next to us is at least 500 acres and he lets nobody hunt and very few deer are in his fields. Is anyone else hunting in this area and having the same problem?We've talked to other hunters around bath and everyone has the same problem.We do have alot of pics of nice bucks but not alot of doe or small bucks.
  11. If anyone needs an observer for the Oswego Pro Am give me a call my # is 315-350-8019 I usually make $150 for the weekend Thanks, Gary
  12. I've been going a couple years to cavers over near clyde. Slim jims with jalepeno peppers and pepper jack cheese were real good. They also do bacon and that was also good .If anyone is intersted I could look up the number.They also do hot dogs.Gary
  13. Lee , I put my camera out south of bath in canisteo .Last I checked i had 4 pics of a bear and one nice 8. Fished the scotty king of the lake last week in oswego with team troubleshooter and we finished fourth. Gary
  14. Lee , Nice looking buck , Gary (your observer) got room for another stand 5 yards on the other side?
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