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  1. panfisher

    2018-2019 Ice Season

    They will be fine and delicious....enjoy!
  2. panfisher

    Hardwater report !!

    Take it from me. Having spent much of my younger adult life working in many different aspects of the food business, and having been catching, cleaning and cooking perch and other fish since childhood....they will be fine for eating. Enjoy!
  3. A quick check shows this birth defect is not that crazy unheard of with fish. See the you tube vid of the fish with two mouths and 4 eyes....only 6 seconds long but really neat!
  4. panfisher

    Seneca 7-21

    Nice to see pics of plenty of healthy and lamprey-free fish. Nice job!!
  5. panfisher

    Video on gobie on bass spawn

    Excellent evidence of what is going on with the smallmouth numbers. I myself believe (without any other hard evidence) this s the main issue. The bass are still here but the numbers are not. I know cormorants eat a lot of fish, but they are native and so are bass. And unguarded fry and eggs are easy pickings for gobies. And killing of helpless young is one of the easiest ways to cut back any life populations....unless said populations have a culture of guarding their youth as sunfish family members do. I vote for moving out the opening for black bass (largemouths too) for a few more weeks into summer to give those male guardians the time to do their thing without the added hassle of "parenting" for nothing. And no catch and release (obviously ). Thanks for the vid Kevin
  6. panfisher

    Best bday gift ever!

    Absolutely fantastic story guys! Could not come up with a nicer deal. That musky might think otherwise , unless you released it.....Thank you for sharing the beauty of it all!
  7. panfisher

    Conesus Conesus Largemouth

    I'll bet when it first hit and for a few seconds afterwards you thought you were into a musky...until......did it jump?
  8. panfisher

    First time for everything

    Not a musky chaser....but I could be!. I know for a fact that are, or have been, some huge muskies in Waneta, Lamoka and the Mill Pond.
  9. panfisher

    Fly rod gills

    Very cool! I know the season is not here yet. But the fish and their dinner don't care about what we deem open season. Great fun!
  10. panfisher

    Fly rod gills

    NIIIIce! Saaweeeet! And a sac-a-lait to boot! flyrodding with bugs, dryflies and poppers is absolutely fun. Surprised no bass hit....
  11. That most definitely will be a new state record 'eye...as long as it was not out of Canadian water! Was it divulged where it was caught?
  12. panfisher

    Spring striper help

    That big guy looks like 45lbs. or so!
  13. panfisher

    Another good SLR perch catch

    When the perch survive to bigger sizes (bigger than bait sized), they behave just like other, bigger, game fish. And they will go deep in schools if living in truly deeper lakes, say, 25ft plus. Big perch that live out their lives in shallower lakes (max 15-20fow) will simply scatter everywhere in smaller pods until the approach of spawning.
  14. panfisher

    New World Record Walleye!!

    Ahh....."FAKE NEWS"...!
  15. panfisher

    East end lake trout action

    Me too....Nice vid! Guys seemed a little lax on hitting those releases when they hit! But with the fish hitting like that and staying secure.......no problemo! (Bet you couldn't work the kings or steelies that!)