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  1. That most definitely will be a new state record ' long as it was not out of Canadian water! Was it divulged where it was caught?
  2. panfisher

    Spring striper help

    That big guy looks like 45lbs. or so!
  3. panfisher

    Another good SLR perch catch

    When the perch survive to bigger sizes (bigger than bait sized), they behave just like other, bigger, game fish. And they will go deep in schools if living in truly deeper lakes, say, 25ft plus. Big perch that live out their lives in shallower lakes (max 15-20fow) will simply scatter everywhere in smaller pods until the approach of spawning.
  4. panfisher

    New World Record Walleye!!

    Ahh....."FAKE NEWS"...!
  5. panfisher

    East end lake trout action

    Me too....Nice vid! Guys seemed a little lax on hitting those releases when they hit! But with the fish hitting like that and staying problemo! (Bet you couldn't work the kings or steelies that!)
  6. All "cookie cutter" 'cept for that nice laker in pic 3! Is it remembered what that guy fell for?.
  7. panfisher

    SLR perch

    Man! That pic has made me hungry!! Nice haul (as usual....!)
  8. panfisher

    walleye stocking lake ontario

    Walleyes don't disrupt. They have been quietly existing all around the lake for many hundreds of years. I and others have caught big beautiful 'eyes while targeting salmonids, particularly in spring, trolling close to shore. And most know of the eastern lake and bays such as Irondequoit and Sodus and of course the Bay of Quinte. But the salmonids rule....even over the beautiful smallies. Truth is the various species populations locally and regionally are always going up and down for various reasons. Many of which are, on a smaller time scale, created by ourselves, as well as the greater natural environment. Anyway, we are blessed to be able to go to so many places not far away and catch so many beautiful and often tasty types of fish!
  9. panfisher

    Fish ID

    Locoman's "pauger" sounds closest. I'd guess maybe a perch/walleye cross. Supposedly sauger in NYS are only in the Lake Champlain watershed. The reflection in the eye suggests a walleye unless just flash reflection, but the body shape and fin colors are all yellow perch. I'd bet a rare YP walleye cross. What waters did it come from....?
  10. panfisher

    Lost Ice Fishing Gear

    Eexcellente!! Glad it was found and returned.....rather then stolen! Have heard enough of that kind of stuff. Great news and thanks for posting at LOU!!
  11. panfisher

    Who's ready??

    Looks like it's ice growing season!
  12. panfisher

    Catskill Trout

    Exxxxelllent!! And those small trout, where plentiful, make for a very tasty 5 fish limit. And only every now and then (years between such meals) so as to not deplete the population! A great romantic and easily prepared meal for two with whatever sides. I believe in C&R, as well as mindful, grateful, respectful of the population, harvest.
  13. panfisher

    Seneca pumpkinseeds

    Some people I know take a fatalistic approach to the changing fishing and water conditions. Everything has it's ups and downs regardless of what we do. I believe we can better observe, research and come to grips towards a positive future (soon future) for our living and personal environments if we put our noses to the grindstone and work at it. There are issues environmentally that we can manage, as long as we work with our environment and respect it as our lifeblood. This is not "pie in the sky" or politically "liberal" thinking. Just my belief. You (we) can make it if you (we) try....
  14. panfisher

    My first giant tuna

    Very nice! But.... what happened to it's head in the second pic? Kinda gross looking. Sweet snag anyhow!
  15. panfisher

    Fly rod bluegills

    I've said it before. Panfishing with a flyrod and poppers for them amongst lily pads is the best! What works even better are small sponge or foam rubber ants with rubber band legs. And you can always get nice large mouths in with them. Mendon Ponds are a personal fav. We once nailed what was a school of smallies at the south end of Canandaigua in the pads there with the normal gills and largemouths. What a blast that was! And as far as flavor is concerned. I'll say sunnies (not their kissing cousins crappies and rockies) are sweeter in flavor than the nearly perfect perch, though the flesh seems somewhat more delicate than perch. They are all good. Often late at night or very early in the morning well before sunup in the summer (calm weather) the sunnies will be surface feeding on emergent bugs in the middle of open water away from any pads, and any small to tiny topwater offering, blind cast in the open to no place in special will murder them.