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  1. Thank you all for the advice, I just want to be able to catch enough to keep them amused we were fishing at Vitale Park and had no success that is why were were mostly looking for help on either of the two lakes, because I hear there are bass as well as plenty of other fish so honestly any advice is more than welcome. We plan on going weekly.
  2. I am new up here, I am originally used to fishing saltwater fish. I was from Long Island doing fluke fishing, striped bass, then also off sea fishing with Tuna, Sharks etc. I'm going to be fishing Conesius and Hemlock lake. I don't have a boat so I am going to be casting off the edge. I want to know if anyone can help tell me the tackle I can use, the fishing methods that would be most suitable and if I need any bait. I am taking my girlfriends two neices out tomorrow and after two failed attempts on conesius, I wouldn't mind some help and actually able to catch the kids something even if it is small. Thank you...feel free to PM me if you would like to comment that way.
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