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  1. How is the launch at Bear Creek? Water level ok for a 19’ boat? Thanks in advance
  2. My buddy and I fished out of Bear Creek Tuesday from 11-3 and went 21 for 30 with an Atlantic,Coho, rainbow and the rest were all browns! Two dandies came on first and last catch in the 12-14lb range! My buddy left his bibs near the launch and I was wondering if anyone found them! Thanks
  3. No Swans does all that like Swans and for a much cheaper price! Salami and slim Jim’s are awesome as well as the hot dogs! You will not be disappointed!
  4. My buddy came upon an adult Tom (8-9”) beard with its head completely chewed off and the body still warm! It was partially covered with leaves and pine needles! What do you think got it? I’m guessing bobcat!
  5. We had a great day in Batavia !
  6. Sorry I had already posted and I agree with you 100%
  7. It’s because our leader, self proclaimed king Cuomo made it so! He is saving the world with his BS safeact program that he put into place during the middle of the night when no one could stop him! And he wants to be our next president!!!!!!!
  8. I agree, 150 grains (3pellets) work great and are absolutely devastating!
  9. Good luck! Had the same thing happen about 2 weeks before the season! Said the bow wasn’t covered because I️ had bought it from a pro staffer brand new in box! But the uninformed girl from their customer service dept told me that had a lot of limbs I️ could buy! Went to Heritage ( great guys) and Mike called all over for limbs and no one had anything but after market limbs! Absolutely terrible customer service , they do not stand behind their product!
  10. Thor is the wonder dog and Bob is an awesome tracker himself! I am proud to call him a friend!
  11. Got a number to call or call me at 315-576-6187 Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United
  12. Are the riggers sold? If not please call me @ 315-576-6187
  13. And they will also wipe out your turkey population. Sent from my SM-G930V using Lake Ontario United mobile app
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