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  1. Seneca Sampson Marina News

    Right on Ray
  2. Last few weeks

    Wow! you know how to live right sir
  3. Whirling Alewife

    Alewives invaded the shores of Webster park today, Seagulls and Herons had a field day, most were very large in the 6-8 in range, they were in large " bait balls" but then there were also hundreds whirling in circles madly on their own, do they also suffer from thiamine deficiency or something else happening?
  4. Fishing eggs in our streams and rivers

    This is a good idea, having the regulation on the books will make the abusers think twice
  5. Collapse of our Salmon fishery

    check out Spider Rybaak's post on the Salmon River egg take here under October titled "MORE TO COME" The population is strong on the SR. I like his point about evolution and nighttime migration noticed fishing the Genny that the piers did not see the big numbers of earlier years but when you hit the falls at peak it was loaded with fish - more sneaking in at night.
  6. Oneida 11-7-2014

    Casting from shore?
  7. Indian River Lake limit

    great post!
  8. I bay large mouths

    I was actually crappie fishing when I caught a bowfin but the bass were striking here & there also I'm glad to see so many bass in the bay this year the die off last spring caused by ?who knows what? seemed to have hit the bass population hard last year
  9. I bay large mouths

    Did not get a great pic but caught (and released) a bowfin on IBay while bass fishing last week
  10. A couple nice ones

    Nice fish! off a pier?
  11. Cayuga Tribs dead?

    Everyone is on the Lake Ontario tribs, be grateful
  12. Maybe there IS something about a full moon: by dEv-0

    Ok its not a walleye but hit a local pier where I have been skunked lately and did well w the steelie's including this one for the pan I think there is something to this full moon theory!
  13. big gull lake 2013

    Sounds like heaven
  14. cant wait!

    What's your go to stickbait for walleye?
  15. I-bay outlet today

    I was there this am and saw the same feeding frenzy glad it wasn't just me not getting hits any tips from you pros out there?