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  1. devoknevo

    No Perch in Canandaigua Lake

    Crooks don't obey laws so why would a smaller perch limit help when they already keep over their legal limits? Perhaps calling the DEC when you witness the crime would be a better idea than creating more laws? ...P.S.: sorry to hijack the thread Slacko.
  2. devoknevo

    No Perch in Canandaigua Lake

    Is it possible you just had a bad day/fish weren't biting, or you were in the wrong spot? I've gotten skunked too but you can't say the whole lake is dead from one experience...Asking for a friend.
  3. devoknevo

    No Perch in Canandaigua Lake

    When did the private sale of perch become illegal?
  4. devoknevo

    Rochester walleye

    Good job Stillwater ! What did you get it on?
  5. devoknevo

    Rochester walleye

    .... there's still a few eye's that we left in the Bay........(shhhhh).
  6. devoknevo

    Rochester walleye

    They were still there as of last Saturday
  7. devoknevo

    Rochester walleye

    That's exactly what we use for casting , the "Hammer"!! The leaders are short so you can cast them without tangles.
  8. devoknevo

    Rochester walleye

    That's all good info right there. There's a good population of walleye in the bay and all of the above methods will catch them. We like trolling with worm harnesses and stick baits. Casting harnesses in the shallows is an overlooked style also. Thanks for contributing!
  9. devoknevo

    Rochester walleye

    WOW! Almost a thousand views and only four members reply to the guy when he asks a question. C'mon lurkers, contribute.
  10. devoknevo

    Rochester walleye

    ...Thanks for the complement Brian. We picked up four last evening in a couple hours, J. got this one that was over 8lbs! All fish were returned for another day.
  11. Possibly a $10,000.00 error. Oh well, live and learn!
  12. devoknevo

    Talk me out of buying this sweet boat

    when you say "shyt" it makes me think of ****.
  13. devoknevo

    Name this lure

    If you aren't tuning ALL your lures, not just Reef's, you're already behind the eight ball. It only takes about ten seconds.
  14. devoknevo

    Sutters on I-Bay

    It's been a few years since we've seen a crash like this. In twenty years on the bay, I've never seen this many Shad.
  15. devoknevo

    Name this lure

    Get some ReefRunners. End of story.