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  1. Lots of room for two people.
  2. It's almost time for ice fishing. Get ready now or buy it for a Christmas present. Lets move this out to make room for more gear!
  3. Fish ID

  4. .......Here's some more. We stopped taking pictures because it was becoming an every day event!
  5. Best year ever in over thirty years of walleye fishing for me, multiple limits every time! Bring on more Lake Ontario high water levels, I like it.
  6. Oneida

    Nice fish
  7. Black Friday special, $20 off!!! I'll take $225.00 ......just in time for early ice!
  8. Which should I get first?

    Flasher hands down,, once you get used to it you can see fish in the whole water column. You can use it all year long too with no problems.
  9. We'll be there tomorrow. Let us know how you make out, good luck.
  10. Clam 5600 Ice Shanty Here is a nice Clam 5600 shelter for sale. Excellent condition with lots of room inside for up to four people. Get ready for winter with this nice unit. $225.00! thanks devo 585-seven-04 96 one 3.
  11. I believe they still leave one dock in the water for launching, well into November. We don't take the boat out 'till the snow flies and it's never been a prob.
  12. Are the perch hitting in I-bay yet?

    Nice catch! Does anyone notice that it seems like the size of the bluegills are getting bigger every year in a I bay? Or is it just me?
  13. 7lb smallie out of Hughes Marina

    Look at the way it tried to bite your friend's thumb off!
  14. 7lb smallie out of Hughes Marina

    How did that invasive species taste?.