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  1. Wanted: Foot pedal for MinnKota Powerdrive V2 trolling motor Looking for just the foot pedal control and harness for the MinnKota V-2 Powerdrive electric trolling motor. thanks, DEvo.
  2. If the axle isn't bent, you could maybe weld it/ and reinforce it to get you by until the new one comes in.
  3. I Bay walleye are fine. Conesus walleye taste like swampass.
  4. You can never be "over" enthusiastic Dylan! You guys already are better than most fisherman twice your age. I'm proud of you guys for trying and don't worry, we all have had days when we couldn't get bit!!
  5. Next time you go, have Cap'n "X" take a pic of the screen you're looking at so we can decipher it better. ... It may be bait that you guys are marking.
  6. I love night fishing but the older I get, the harder it is to stay up that late! We get them during the day too so we'll be out Saturday morning pulling planer boards and cranks. Good Luck! dEV-0
  7. They've been calling them both "silver bass" forever,the point is, there is no such thing. They're White Perch or White Bass. Lake O has both and the Bay is loaded with them.
  8. Irondequoit Bay for us. This is the best time of year for those trophy eyeballs!
  9. Prob a White Perch or a White bass. There are No silver bass in NY.
  10. I've come down with a touch of lockjaw myself.
  11. I'll trade ryanrobb. bfarrow, I'd say six pound test is too small, switch to ten pound mono with no leader and you should be fine.
  12. Thanks for for the compliment!