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  1. Compression test on inboard motor

    The actual number on a compression test is irrelevant, as long as all cylinders are within 10% of each other you are OK.
  2. Thanks for checking though Cheech! dEv-0
  3. Need 25-1100-10 soon. thanks anyway though
  4. Looking for one or two 25x11:00x10 wheeler tires. 585- 7 0 four-nine 613. Thanks!
  5. Wood refinishing

    Check out the West System of coatings. It's the only way to go for boats.
  6. Sold!. thank you LOU and Xavier.
  7. Sale pending. Ill update this afternoon
  8. Almost 1000 views, Any more reasonable offers?
  9. The ice fishing is great this year and the fish are biting. Who wants to stay warm?
  10. Henrietta Running out of storage and need to move it out.
  11. Who wants to stay warm and catch fish in comfort? shoot me an offer on this nice unit!
  12. Walleye fishing in the province of Quebec

    The South shore of Lake Ontario is producing bigger and better eyeballs than all those places put together! ( except Erie maybe). Stay home and keep your money in NY.
  13. Lots of room for two people.
  14. It's almost time for ice fishing. Get ready now or buy it for a Christmas present. Lets move this out to make room for more gear!