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  1. Here we have a very nice pair of size 12 black Mickey Mouse boots in near perfect condition. These are the Mickey Mouse boots the military uses and are good for sub arctic conditions. $100. five85-seven0 four- nine six one three
  2. Nice to meet you and Pequod1 as well Gator, glad to hear you did well and I see some of our friends are doing likewise. Probably run out there this weekend but prob try to go for perch this time. I cleaned 40 nice ones on Monday.
  3. Off topic but Bondouley, *The tips on the expensive rods get caught in the car windows doors etc. and break just as easily as the inexpensive ones, I know from experience. Haha
  4. Angling Artisans, Rick Benedict none better … and he's in your backyard too!
  5. How much for this thousand dollar engine?
  6. The guy died, give him a break Mr. Perfect. R.I.P. Eddie..
  7. Nice job! Did you get a weight or length on that beauty?
  8. FYI TimG, the post is from over three years ago!
  9. Her fishing license, ...her choice. End of story.
  10. Congrats on a nice fish and for teaching your kids about the outdoors BassMrs.ster. When my son caught the state record Sheepshead a few years ago there were a few haters trying to ruin the most exciting time in his life. Its probably the same loosers that think all the stocked, sterile Tigers belong to only them. Keep eating. dEv-0
  11. Thanks Stillwater! I'll tell my son (that's him in the pic). haha
  12. Hey Bosco. If it was us, you could have come over and joined us but unfortunately, it wasn't us. We were out during the day on Saturday and picked up a few trolling but nothing serious. ….Now, for the next four nights you may see the FV "Bottomfeeder2.0" out there! We are chomping at the bit for that night bite. Good luck and be safe. dEv-0
  13. Mendon Ponds, Webster park ponds, Brighton park, Avon D.E.C., basically any public park has ponds, and some with very good fishing. Let us know how you do!
  14. Nice catch Bosco! I just put the boat in but haven't tried the night bite yet. Looks like the fish are there though and I'll give you a report soon.
  15. Not hardwater, but speaking of Rudd, here’s one that another little buddy caught at Conesus last summer first cast.
  16. Heres some pics of our little buddy at Conesus and Braddocks last week. This kid is a fishing machine, so watch out when he hits the tournament trail!
  17. devoknevo

    Ibay 9/29

    They leave one dock in for a long time.
  18. Also try a dropshot rig around docks and pilings. Some nice bass in there.
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