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  1. Rich Benedict , at "Angling Artisians Unlimited".
  2. Nice fish! The browns were jumping everywhere in the Bay yesterday. They come into the Bay every year as soon as the ice goes out and you can get them on spoons and sticks trolling.
  3. My stocks seem to like Trump. Go USA!
  4. I don't mean to burst your bubble Pap, but that's a common 350 block made from 69-79. They put them in everything from trucks to vette's. that carb may be worth $100 used.
  5. Excellent job, Rich Benedict is one of the best in the business.w
  6. #1- Make Venison Jerky #2- Bring to Bowling. Nice work!
  7. check out the Quantum Code, and Smoke series Dylan. You can try ours out if you want to.
  8. Maybe he drank the polluted water and croaked.
  9. devoknevo


    So how did you two make out yesterday in the torrential-monsoon-downpour? I bet you were the only two DIEHARDS out in that mess, I'm proud of you for trying anyway!!!!
  10. devoknevo


    Nice work gentlemen! We pulled 28 nice ones out of there yesterday too, very light bite.
  11. Try trolling crawler harnesses with a bottom bouncer or a three-way rig. We usually find them in less than 20 FOW, although this evening we went out for a couple hours and got skunked! Casting stick baits at night works too. You have to work for them.
  12. The smiles tell it all!!! Good time.
  13. Haha! Don't underestimate N.Y..........Then call the ONLY taxidermist:ANGING ARTISANS UNLIMITED, R. Benedict, Rochester N.Y. World class work.
  14. Thursday evening we tried everthing from drop shot to trolling cranks to live worms with no luck. The kid was so enthusiastic I really wanted to get him a fish. He told his parents he wanted to catch a northern pike but they aren't plentiful in the bay. I felt bad that we got skunked on Thursday evening and told them to meet me at the dock Sunday at 6:30 AM. I swung for the fence and headed for no-mans land right down the middle in the deepest part and threw out the big deep divers. This beauty hit 20 down over 80FOW! It made his day/vacation and was one of the most rewarding fishing trips I've ever had.Sometimes you have to think outside the box.
  15. Awesome 38" pike caught in Irondequoit bay aboard the BOTTOMFEEDER! 20 down over 80fow! The kid said he wanted to catch a pike on vacation and we made it happen! Caught on a Glow green deep Thunderstick.
  16. I heard that maybe they ate too many McDonald's fries.
  17. I'll take all of those terrible ReefRunners that you guys can't use! The ReefRunners DO need tuning, but really, it only takes about 5 seconds and it's worth the effort........and they're made in the USA!
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