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    Sold / Closed Legacy -The 2021 Season-

    Congrats Rob he's a Brute!
  2. Congrats Keith and gang that was an impressive box and great team effort!
  3. 33canuck

    for sale : usa 2005 Fisher 160Hawk

    2005 Fisher 160Hawk 2005 Fisher 160Hawk, 60 HP Four Stroke Mercury High Efficiency motor, Motorguide 24V trolling motor, trailer new tire, new battery for main engine. Depp V boat, wide beam, very good boat for trolling walleye, trout, and salmon. Boat has very little hours, always stored inside and serviced yearly. $9,800 some additional extras available for trolling if interested. [email protected] 585-781-0614 cell
  4. I'll save you some money bud, you don't need a blind. Just find a good tree or brush pile that covers your back and sit still. Unless you are hunting with a bow or have turkeys super patterned to a specific location you don't need a blind in fact it often hinders the mobility you need to get on gobblers. I have similar thoughts on decoys, while they work, and occasionally they are the ticket, more often than not you do not need a decoy, if a turkey is interested they will come looking, sometimes if you have a decoy they hang up or if you need to move or exit you end up busting a bird because you need to screw with a decoy. That being said I have decoys and occasionally use them but they should be good ones, turkeys know what turkeys look like so a cheap decoys should be left on the shelf. Now calls you need, for a beginner I recommend you get a couple mouth calls and play around with them, Some people pick right up on them and they are the best call to use but make sure you get a push button yelper and a pot style call, they are easy to use and get you up and running quick. Rather than a blind get yourself a good turkey vest with a really nice seat cushion, you will thank me for that Good luck
  5. Awesome buck Tank! Sent from my XT1080 using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  6. Normark Fin Bore and Nils, I have been drilling holes with my fin bore for 8 years and still cuts like its going through butter, buddy got a 8" this year and it cuts awesome too
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