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  1. hi do you still have the seats?
  2. hello is your boat still for sale?
  3. hi do you still have the boat? would love to see it. how are the stringers?
  4. hi are you thinking about reselling your boat? thanks
  5. ok thank you for being honest
  6. hi how are the stringers?
  7. hi this is mike i put my boat up for sale hopefully it will sell quick. thanks again for letting us see it Saturday i loved the boat. keep in touch thanks mike
  8. hello i was wondering if the pen yen was still for sale? If so is there any chance of taking a look at it today or sunday?
  9. hi do you still have the fish hawk? dose it come with power cable and transducer?
  10. hi is this still for sale? dose it come with power cable?
  11. iam in rochester ny how far do you that is? those seats look like they would work perfect in my boat
  12. hi can you still buy parts for these? thanks
  13. try running copper on boards