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  1. Yep.. this was me.. newport marina - ibay - no sign of the gear anywhere on the internet.. same deal though.. only took the valuable fishing gear I had on the vessel. left other non-trolling gear / equipment.. zipped the canvas back up.. sutters get anything from the video?
  2. very kind of you all.. thanks for the offers.. but I'm going to call it a season.. I'll get some new gear before spring for sure.. I am going to need to re-evaluate boat security.. I hadn't even heard about this happening too often in ibay.. but I guess thieves are everywhere.. degenerates. thanks again.
  3. Some thieves stole the following from my boat sometime over the past week and a half. The boat (2001 22ft Wellcraft Coastal W/A )was moored at Newport Marina in Irondequoit. 2 - Diawa 47LC reels (model year 2010) on ~10 ft Daiwa rods spun with power pro 1 - Diawa 47LC gold reel (older model) on Daiwa downrigger rod 1 - Okuma Line Counter Reel (older model) on Diawa downrigger rod Large grey/blue tackle box containing: ~4 spin doctors (assorted colors) ~3 dodgers ~30 spoons ~scale ~2 sets of pliers ~assorted downrigger hardware (canon) ~200 ft of downrigger wire ~2 blacks releases ~some old gear my late grandfather gave me before he passed.. ~a bunch of other **** that I can't recall at the moment because I'm too pissed.. I find it interesting that the thieves ONLY took my fishing gear.. the tackle box was in the cabin right next to my fish finder/gps and binoculars which were left untouched.. If you are the theif.. That gear meant a lot to me.. I'm not exactly swimming in cash so you have effectively robbed me of my ability to fish.. I hope it was worth it you dickless son of a ****.. Kind regards, jj-xray
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