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  1. In the days before downriggers and divers there were copper rods like this or trolling boxes like the victrola. If I fished Lakers more I'd have one on the boat just for fun. My grandpa fished like that 80 years ago.
  2. Will the airmar transducer work on a helix 5? And how much?
  3. I've used both Rochester reel repair and Capt. Bob's in Clarence and both are amazing.
  4. What kind of reels and where you located?
  5. skinny420

    for sale : usa Sold

    What color are the 9'6" heartland rods?
  6. I've ran the old beep beep trackers with the antenna. The sportdog tracker. The Garmin 230 and 240 and now the astro. It's really nice to know where your dog is. And in training a tracking dog a lot of times I can see where they made a loss and get them back on track. I run foxhounds and without them I'd never know exactly what there doing. Plus let them loose in the big woods and they go over the mountain and it might be 45 min for me to drive over close enough to pick them back up. No question it helps me get the dogs back and I've shocked them to keep them off posted property or to stop them from crossing busy roads and it really helps to get in front of a coyote if you see the dogs working down a creek or snowmobile trail you can get to where you can shoot the coyote and catch the dogs. Without the tracker a lot of nights tying up dogs to trees and letting them bark to call the lost dog back or searching and listening for lost hounds. Bird dogs I've never owned but since they are quiet you could loose one and never find it easy enough to make me want to spend the money.
  7. Does it mount directly to the frame with screws? Or does it fit on a rail system like a scope mount? That one fits a rail.
  8. https://www.barnettcrossbows.com/catalog/product/view/id/3144/s/side-mount-quiver/category/604/ If you have the picatinny rail then you could use about any quiver setup. Do you have a rail it attached to or does it screw directly to the crossbow? If it screws to it with the 3 screws I'll look for a link to that one.
  9. What rod and how much for just the rod? Just closed mine in the tailgate! Lol
  10. Where you located? If close enough I'd like to get rod trees. Not sure if shipping is worth it.
  11. Any ice fisherman out here? Wouldn't be a bad idea to try it out!
  12. I got a pair of triple rod holders with the cup holder and net holders....could stick 4 rods in there if you don't put the net in the top one....identical to the high seas and they might be. I bought them used and there are no stickers on them so no idea who made them. I'd let them go for 300
  13. I'll take 2....either ones...meet up this weekend?
  14. Hey rich is there still weights available at captains cove? Heading there this weekend. Need a pair of 12's
  15. I like stackers...only because I know the exact depth to replicate. Altho I had lots of hits on a slider when I ran them. Just too hard to guess exact depth.
  16. I got 25' flouro leaders on mine and usually try to only run flies on mine. Try to only put rigs that catch matures on my coppers and don't want to wind in 300-500 copper for a skippy or to check meat after a drop. Could I increase my catch running spoons? Probably....but thats not how I play the game.
  17. I actually think that the enamel paint smell attracts fish or causes more bites. You should try it as soon as it's dried for a few days.
  18. If you can't do it in a 16' it won't be fun anyway. River is a pretty good plan B
  19. I just throw my stuff around and let them get bashed around during transport, leave the head unit in the rain and leave it in the boat all winter....never any issues but if it brakes I know it's been thru everything and would pay the price cause altho I could fish without it I'd never want to.
  20. Yeah watch gamblers YouTube videos and you will see what he means about getting in the way. He can barely keep his riggers working with constant fish catching and sending cowbells down.
  21. RiggedSFC on this site is where I got my meat last year and it did very well. It's as good as any I've seen. Message him and see if he is doing it again this year.
  22. How much is it a year to stay there? Seems like a steal for anyone looking to fish here.
  23. Hard to tell how they work till you try them but on my big boards the attachment is toward the front and top more. Just bring a drill and wrenches with ya in case you need to do some onsite adjustments. I'd bring them on a shakedown cruise and hook them up do tight turns in waves and see how the react. Once you get them tuned they should run good for a long time.
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